Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Hey family!!
    Tell chase to send me pictures of his trip to half dome! thats awesome! Well to answer the question about what garments braxton should buy, im really not sure, because where im at is a completely different climate then where he will be at, but i love my 50% cotton, 50% poli, so its up to him. So how many times have you guys gone to look for a house in St George? you guys should buy a house right next to the Anderson family, that would be a blast!
    So this week went great for us, Elder Franco, Elder Farnsworth and i have gotten a ton better at teaching together, it sounds like it would be easier to teach in a trio but its actually a little harder, but we´ve gotten it down now :) Now that we are half way through june its not like super hot anymore, the rains are going to come in about a month, we are looking forward to that :) Something really crazy happened to us on friday, here in Veracruz we cant drink the tap water because its like green and nasty, so we have to buy jugs of water from the store to drink, cook, and brush our teeth and stuff. On friday Elder Farnsworth got a glass of water from our new water jug we bought the day before, and we found a ton of little tiny worms swimming around in his glass. And then we found a ton of them in the water jug . . . I got a little scared when we found those in there because that morning i drank probably like a gallon of that water from that jug because i was planning on having a personal fast starting in the afternoon . . . . But as of right now i feel great haha We called the Mission presidents wife but she told us to just wait it out to see if we get sick, but im pretty sure i´ll be alright haha well thats the craziest thing thats happened to us this week. well we have changes this next coming week, Elder Franco will most likely be leaving us :( but lets see what happens. well i gotta go i will talk to you next week! hey sorry i havent sent any pictures, this week i forgot my cable to hook my camera up to the computer, but i promise i will bring it next week:)

                             Elder Snow

Monday, June 10, 2013

It's more fun to teach 3 by 3

Hey its me again! 
     I cant believe Chase is an ELDER!!!!! congrats little bro on your graduation that's awesome, now its full on mission prep time :) hey tell chase not to go & do anything stupid right after graduation to get himself hurt so he cant leave on time, remember that satan doesn't sleep, and less with future missionaries.
     Well this week for me went great, our new companions name is Elder Franco from Ecuador, we thought he was going to be from Guatemala, but the mission offices told us wrong, he´s from Ecuador. Its a new thing for me to be walking around with 2 companions instead of one, but now that i´ve got used to it i think its more fun to preach 3 by 3 :) Zone Leader is a little more stressfull than i thought before, i really do have a whole lot more respect now for the Zone Leaders that i have had before, but i like it :) its fun to get to know and work with alot more elders than i did before, i also get to work a little more with the Presidente TreviƱo which is awesome, he is an incredible man. 
     Well remember that planters wart that i had on the bottom of my foot when i was a kid? well the monster came back haha i´ve had it now for about 4 or 5 months, and now its starting to hurt, i talked to the mission presidents wife and they gave me permission to buy this liquid nitrogen spray to kill the thing, i just barely bought it so i will be applying it tonight, pray for me haha
     I cant believe how fast the time is flying by right now, i remember when i got here like it was yesterday! i remember seeing those elders that had 18, 19, 20 months out and just thinking HOW LUCKY!!! but now that im in their shoes my thoughts have changed a little, i would so much rather be a missionary my whole life, its more fun haha well i cant send you pictures this week because the computer im on doesn't have the right plug in, but i will send you them next week ok :) Adios!

                                   Elder Snow

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Hey Everyone!
    Well its me again, this week sure did go by fast! I heard about what happened in Oklahoma City, i havent been able to see any pictures of it, but i have heard it was really bad. These kinds of things seem like their happening alot more now . .  TELL TAYLOR CARPER I TELL HIM CONGRATS!!!! thats awesome that he made the decision to go, when is he going to leave?
    We had an amazing week this week, we were running around what felt like all of Veracruz doing baptism interviews on the converts from our zone, as a zone we baptized 8 people this week. Elder Farnsworth and i got to go to the baptism of the newest convert to the ward majisterio, Hermana Karla Isabel De Leon Alvarado, it was so cool seeing her get baptized, she has completly changed! Her little brother and her mom got baptized in april, but Karla didnt get baptized with them because she didnt want to, but about a 2 weeks ago she told us she wanted to make the change and get baptized, it was fun teaching her because she speaks english! Now we are working on baptizing her dad Rigoberto . . . but he´s a little harder to convince haha he´s been going to church for about 6 months straight now, he just doesnt want to make the change to get baptized yet, but in 2 or 3 weeks i think he´ll do it. pray for him ok!
     The mission president called us today in the morning telling us that a missionary from Guatemala that had been waiting on his VISA to come to Veracruz just got his VISA and is on the plane coming here right now, the mission president wants us to train him :) SO WE GET TO TRAIN AGAIN!!! this is like my favorite part of the mission, helping the new missionaries get used to the work of the Lord. Well i gotta go, i will write you next week!
OH! mom i got your package! thanks for sending all that i know that those kids are going to be so happy getting those rings in Piedras Negras, THANKS!!
with love, Elder Snow