Monday, February 27, 2012

February 27, 2012

        Hey everybody hows it going!! Sounds like things are going great up there in Utah! And yes mom i am definitely used to being called Elder Snow, it sounds wierd to me when i think people used to call me Jonny ha!! Im glad your having fun in your new calling mom! that sounds great!! So this week i have completed 4 months in the mission, i seriously cant believe i have been gone this long! i seriously think time just goes by faster in Mexico! KODY GOT IN A CAR ACCIDENT!?!?! hes ok right? and yes i would love an email from him. So this week was really good, we taught a ton this week! We also baptized a 13 year old girl named Juliett! it was really cool. About 3 weeks ago a member called us and said that we should go visit a lady on her street, so she gave us her address and we went to see her. It turns out that this new lady is about 40 years old, she is a return missionary of the Veracruz Mexico Mission, and she has been inactive for about 15 years. So what we did was we reactivated her and her family, and baptized her 13 year old daughter who is Juliett! It's been really fun visiting their family because the mom tells us awesome mission stories from her mission. On Friday this week, we had a primary missionary activity! It was a blast, the whole primary got together on friday, they all dressed up in their sunday clothes, they put little missionary tags on that say FUTURO MISIONERO, and we went and visited a bunch of our investigators, it was a blast! there is nothing more powerful than a sincere testimony of a little boy or girl from the primary. I love the ward im in because we always go out and do fun activities like that. Spanish is getting easier and easier, i can for the most part understand most of the stuff people say, if they say it really slowly haha and yes i have to concentrate my flippin brains out too. Alright well i better go, i will write next week about this same time. OH! and one more thing, there is a family in this ward that has been really really good to the missionaries, we love them! they are la familia Franco. Their daughter claudia is taking a trip up to utah to stay in salt lake for a few weeks. She has told me she is kind of scared about her flight because she has to go through the Pheonix airport and she doesnt speak very good english. So i gave her dads number, just in case she gets lost in Pheonix or Salt Lake, she has somebody to call. So dad, if you get a call from a mexican lady in the next few weeks or so, just help her out, and maybe take her out to dinner or something too, she is really cool! ok well i gotta go, i will talk to you later! I love you all!!
         Elder Snow

Monday, February 20, 2012

February 20, 2012

Hola Familia!!!
      HEY EVERYONE!!! AND KARLY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! i know im like a thousand miles away and all, but seriously i didnt forget! i hope everything is great in utah! And mom thank you for sending me more vitamins and my priesthood line of authority! i cant wait to get that package! So this week was really crazy! we had a mission conference! Every missionary in the mission got to go to Veracruz and listen to the Assistants to the President and the President and his wife speak! it was great! And i have some crazy news . . . Presidente TreviƱo anounced that the Mexico Veracruz Mission is dividing in june into two missions!! The Mexico Veracruz Mission, and the new Mexico Xalapa Mission!! we are not sure who the new mission president will be yet for Mexico Xalapa, and nobody knows which missionaries will be in Veracruz, and which missionaries will be in Xalapa. My area right now (Coatzintla) in the zone of Poza Rica is within the boundaries of the new Xalapa Mission. So if they dont move me by june, then ill be in the new mission, but if they do, then i will stay in Veracruz, only time will tell. Things are going really good out here! Spanish, little by little, is getting easier to pick up, I have learned alot. But i still have a lot to learn. Well i have to go, sorry this email is kinda short, we only have like a half hour to write this week because we have to go to Poza Rica to see some other missionaries in our zone. I love you all and miss you all a ton! i will write you next week around this same time.
         Love, Elder Snow

Monday, February 13, 2012

Me and Christian(a Priest in our ward)

Elder Meraz, Ricardo, and me

February 13, 2012

Subject: Re: February 13

Hola Familia!!!
     Hey everybody!! i hope everything is going good back home. Im
sorry to hear about that little girl that got hit by a car thats
really sad. She is back up with her father in heaven. And if you get
the chance while you are in Alpine, GO SEE PEYTON AND TELL HIM I SAY
HOLA!!! Anyways, this week went really good, it went by really really
fast. its starting to scare me how fast the time flys by here. We had
another baptism this week! He is a little 14 year old boy named
Ricardo. his family doesnt really like the church, i dont really know
why, but he has a ton of faith that they will eventually join! It was
an amazing baptism, very spiritual. I got to baptize him. After i
pulled him out of the water the first thing he did was look at me with
the biggest smile i have ever seen and said ESTOY FELIZ!! ESTA FELIZ
SNOW!?! ESTOY FELIZ!! SNOW, YO ESTOY LIMPIO!!! He was so happy to
finally be baptized! He said those things pretty loud so everyone who
was watching heard him, it was really funny. I just couldnt hold back
the tears. Ricardo comes from a family of 4 kids, His dad left them,
his mom works all day to support the family, He cant go to school
because the family doesnt have the money, and there house is really
really small, made out of ply wood and these metal sheets for a roof.
Him and his family are really really humble, And to see him come out
of the water so happy, even though he has been through alot in his
short life, and still has alot to go through, I couldnt hold back the
tears. He has so much faith that things will be alright. Well things
down here in Coatzintla are great. I really miss you guys alot. I hope
you all have a good valentines day!
                                                           Elder Snow

Monday, February 6, 2012

February 6, 2012

         I am so sorry i didnt write you all last week! Elder Meraz and I were at a wedding of one of our converts (Aldo) all last p day so we didnt get a chance to use the computers. I am really sorry! I got the package 2 days ago! i was way happy to get it! That little toy Moroni is awesome! its sitting on my desk right now. Im glad to hear that grandpa is doing really well! Tell him when i get home i am totally taking him hiking! So tons of things have happened these past two weeks, so many that i cant write them all. There are SERIOUSLY miracles happening down here in Coatzintla Mexico. I have been eating the spiciest food on the face of the planet, i have like a constant burning in my mouth, but im getting used to it, the food really is great! im seriously going to come home fat if i keep eating like this! If there is one thing that i have learned about mexicans down here, its that they love to party, they eat tortillas with everything, and they LOVE COKE!! AND SO DO I!!!! we get along great haha! So in the past two weeks we had 3 baptisms. One was a boy named Edwin that is 14 years old. Guillermo (the father of Edwin) has been an inactive member for about 20 years and decided he wanted more for his family. we activated his whole family, we baptized his son, and now we are working on baptizing his wife. This week we also baptized a woman named Nery and her husband Vincen. Finding Nery and Vincen, i believe, was a maricle. About a week after i got to Coatzintla me and Elder Meraz were walking around in a part of town where we thought an old investigator lived. We were looking everywhere for the house but we couldnt find it. Eventualy we found a house that we thought might be it so we knocked on the door, A woman holding a baby answered the door (Nery) who was not the person we were looking for, we knocked on the wrong house. But instead of leaving, Elder Meraz and i both felt impressed to ask her if she wanted to hear about our church. She gladly let us in and we taught her the first lesson (La Restauracion). We then Invited her to be baptized, and she accepted. She talked to her husband (Vincen) and he let us come back to teach them more. They both got baptized last thursday and they are SERIOUSLY already making plans in a years time to go to the Temple and be sealed. I will get to go through with them :) i cant wait for that! It is AMAZING to see what this gospel has done for that little family. They told me that after they go through the temple in Veracruz they want to take a trip up to Utah to go through the Salt Lake Temple. I want us all to go with them! Well i have to go, i promise i will write you next week! And mom and dad, i need a favor, i really want a copy of my priesthood line of authority. i dont know why i left home without one. But it would be best if i could have it in spanish :) so if you could send me that as soon as possible that would be awesome! Thanks for everything! I love you all!!
                     Elder Snow