Monday, February 20, 2012

February 20, 2012

Hola Familia!!!
      HEY EVERYONE!!! AND KARLY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! i know im like a thousand miles away and all, but seriously i didnt forget! i hope everything is great in utah! And mom thank you for sending me more vitamins and my priesthood line of authority! i cant wait to get that package! So this week was really crazy! we had a mission conference! Every missionary in the mission got to go to Veracruz and listen to the Assistants to the President and the President and his wife speak! it was great! And i have some crazy news . . . Presidente Treviño anounced that the Mexico Veracruz Mission is dividing in june into two missions!! The Mexico Veracruz Mission, and the new Mexico Xalapa Mission!! we are not sure who the new mission president will be yet for Mexico Xalapa, and nobody knows which missionaries will be in Veracruz, and which missionaries will be in Xalapa. My area right now (Coatzintla) in the zone of Poza Rica is within the boundaries of the new Xalapa Mission. So if they dont move me by june, then ill be in the new mission, but if they do, then i will stay in Veracruz, only time will tell. Things are going really good out here! Spanish, little by little, is getting easier to pick up, I have learned alot. But i still have a lot to learn. Well i have to go, sorry this email is kinda short, we only have like a half hour to write this week because we have to go to Poza Rica to see some other missionaries in our zone. I love you all and miss you all a ton! i will write you next week around this same time.
         Love, Elder Snow

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