Monday, February 13, 2012

February 13, 2012

Subject: Re: February 13

Hola Familia!!!
     Hey everybody!! i hope everything is going good back home. Im
sorry to hear about that little girl that got hit by a car thats
really sad. She is back up with her father in heaven. And if you get
the chance while you are in Alpine, GO SEE PEYTON AND TELL HIM I SAY
HOLA!!! Anyways, this week went really good, it went by really really
fast. its starting to scare me how fast the time flys by here. We had
another baptism this week! He is a little 14 year old boy named
Ricardo. his family doesnt really like the church, i dont really know
why, but he has a ton of faith that they will eventually join! It was
an amazing baptism, very spiritual. I got to baptize him. After i
pulled him out of the water the first thing he did was look at me with
the biggest smile i have ever seen and said ESTOY FELIZ!! ESTA FELIZ
SNOW!?! ESTOY FELIZ!! SNOW, YO ESTOY LIMPIO!!! He was so happy to
finally be baptized! He said those things pretty loud so everyone who
was watching heard him, it was really funny. I just couldnt hold back
the tears. Ricardo comes from a family of 4 kids, His dad left them,
his mom works all day to support the family, He cant go to school
because the family doesnt have the money, and there house is really
really small, made out of ply wood and these metal sheets for a roof.
Him and his family are really really humble, And to see him come out
of the water so happy, even though he has been through alot in his
short life, and still has alot to go through, I couldnt hold back the
tears. He has so much faith that things will be alright. Well things
down here in Coatzintla are great. I really miss you guys alot. I hope
you all have a good valentines day!
                                                           Elder Snow

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  1. Wow-so cool and so inspiring! What a neat experience!