Monday, August 26, 2013

This week was an amazing week and I want to share a cool experience that happened to us-the baptism of our newest convert Sister Angelina

     About 3 weeks ago me and my other companion elder Farnsworth one sunday afternoon were in the baptism service of our convert Jose Luis when we see a really old woman come into the room in a wheel chair to watch the baptism. We found out later that that woman was the 85 year old sister Angelina that had been investigating the church for more then 30 years. All of her family are members and she came with them to church sometimes but never wanted to get baptized, she knows the missionary discussions by heart haha. When i was walking past her after the baptism service that day i had a strong spiritual impression to go invite her to be baptized, then i walked over and started talking to her to get to know her a little bit and then i invited her to be baptized, but she kinda just laughed at me saying no haha but then she invited us over to her house to eat lunch in that up coming week, so we did. After about a week and a half of teaching her, she accepted to be baptized, her two grandsons, now return missionaries, baptized her.
     We are really excited for this next up coming week, i hope everything is going well there in St George, i still don't know my release date, and to be honest i don't really want to know it. i love you all a ton!

Elder Snow 

Bautismo de Hermana Angelina Noguerola Palacios(Baptism of Sister Angelina)

Estamos en otro pueblo como media hora oeste de Veracruz que se llama El Tejar

We're in another town 30 minutes east of Veracruz, called El Tejar

Loma del Faro

Estamos en un pueblo como una hora de la ciudad de Veracruz que se llama Loma del Faro

We're in a little town an hour from Veracruz - It is called Loma del Faro

Comiendo pizza en Dominos

Eating Domino's Pizza

El quórum de los Diáconos de la mision mexico veracruz jaja creo que soy el mas alto que todos, ¡POR FIN!

The Mexico Veracruz Mission Deacons Quorum-haha
I believe I'm the tallest one of all finally!

La Zona Reforma despues de una clase de zona

The Reforma Zone - after a Zone Meeting

Monday, August 19, 2013

Victor Manuel was baptized-it is way cool being a part of his conversion-he wants to serve a mission!

Hey family hows it going
     Those are some pretty awesome pictures you guys sent me!! its so dry there . . . its like the complete opposite of where im living right now, im not sure which climate im going to like more.
     For us this week was crazy, but crazy in a good way. We have 26 misionaries in the zone with 13 areas to supervise, so we have been all over the place this week, doing divisions, and doing baptism interviews with the new converts of the zone. In our own area right now we are helping a lady named Alejandra with her family teaching them the gospel, she's awesome, and has now accepted baptism so we are helping her get married so she can get baptized, but her husband isn't registered, he doesn't have a birth certificate so he cant get married until he gets registered, so me and my companion have been running around Veracurz all week getting their papers together to get them married and baptized :) this morning got the last of the papers we need, they should be getting married next week.
      On saturday we baptized a 18 year old young man named Victor Manuel. We found him from a referral that a youth named Luis Enrique gave us for one of his friends, we were working with them for about 3 weeks and on saturday Luis Enrique baptized him, it is way cool being a part of his conversion, Victor says he wants to serve a mission now that Luis Enrique will be leaving on his in a few short months, i bet he will go :)
      well i hope you like the pictures i sent, i will write you next week! love, Elder Snow

August, 2013

Monday, August 12, 2013

"The Prophet Missionaries"-that's what they call us now!

    Thats awesome that chase is doing so well in the MTC, reading his letter just reminded me of pretty much what i felt like being there haha thats awesome, This week for us went really well, my new companions name is Elder Morgan Smith from Fresno California, he's way cool, gringo companions are great! He's the youngest of 7 children in his family and has got about a year on the mission, his dad is one of the area 70s thats in California. Its pretty fun to walk around with Elder Smith because whenever we are around members they always ask us, ¿José Smith y Lorenzo Snow son los antepasados de ustedes verdad? We are the prophet missionaries, thats what they call us now haha.
    So Karla told me that she was talking to you guys on facebook, thats awesome! she speaks english because shes got family in Houston. Their family is turning out to be probably one to the coolest families that i have known on my mission, they are like brand new converts, but they look like they have years in the church. Karla is a ward missionary, and last week got her Patriarchal Blessing. It was so cool because after she got it we went to ask her how it went, and when i asked her she just started to cry because the spirit was so strong, shes an awesome convert. I´ve decided and made the decision that i want Karly to get married to Abdiel, Karlas little brother, so that we can be family.
     Well i gotta go im running late, I hope everything goes good for the first day of school week, tell Karly Kate and Grace that i miss and love them alot and that i hope they do great in school. 

Love, Elder Snow

Monday, August 5, 2013

Little Miracles

Hey family!
      This week i started to talk to Elder Farnsworth about living in a place like St George (hes from gilbert arizona so its kinda the same kinda weather) and one of the first things he told me was to watch out for the scorpions haha be careful ey . . 
      Well these few weeks have gone by super fast, and once again, we are having transfers :( Elder Farnsworth se va a la ciudad de Cordoba para ser Lider de Zona, and im staying in Veracruz with an Elder named Elder Smith from California, im excited for the changes, but being with Elder Farnsworth was awesome, im gonna miss that kid a ton.
      Me and my companion this week have been having some pretty cool spiritual experiencias, like finding golden investigators and stuff like that, a bunch a little miracles have been catching us by suprise here within our own area and in the areas of the Elders in our Zone that we have felt really blessed this week, we were able to see the baptism of our newest convert to the church, Hermano Jose Luis, his father in law baptized him, getting him baptized this week was just one of the miracles that happened this week. I keep thinking that the cool things that have been happening to us has something to do with chase being a missionary now, i hope hes having a blast there!
      Thanks for the address of the house, i dont know my release date yet but dont stress about that, ill take care of everything from here, i will let you know when they give it to me, but if my calculations are correct i will be getting off the plane in St George Utah the 31 of October, just in time for halloween :)
      well i gotta go i will write you next week! i love you all a ton!!! and chase, tell me how the russian is going and let me know what building your rooming in ok, i love you bro.

              con amor, Elder Snow

                                          Bautismo de Hermana Veronica 27 de Julio 2012

Fuimos al acuario de veracruz para nuestro dia de preparacion hoy, super divertido.

Our newest convert to the church, Hermano Jose Luis, his father in law baptized him, getting him baptized this week was just one of the miracles that happened this week.

Veronica got baptized this week

Hey everyone!!
      Well we had a pretty exciting week this week, one of our investigators named Veronica got baptized this weekend, the work is moving forward here in Veracruz. We also had a pretty funny experience this week, we locked our keys in our house, so my companion had to shove me through the metal bars that cover our window to get in, its a good thing i havent gained that much weight out here or we would never have gotten in haha. So i hope everything goes good with the move, and with Chase going into the MTC, Im way excited to see a picture of him with his plaque on his shirt! ALLIES COMING TO MEXICO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! we are going to have quite a few spanish speakers in the family now :) 
      Well i hope everything goes well this week, could you send me the new address of the new house in st george so i can give to the mission president, thanks.

with love, Elder Snow