Monday, August 5, 2013

Little Miracles

Hey family!
      This week i started to talk to Elder Farnsworth about living in a place like St George (hes from gilbert arizona so its kinda the same kinda weather) and one of the first things he told me was to watch out for the scorpions haha be careful ey . . 
      Well these few weeks have gone by super fast, and once again, we are having transfers :( Elder Farnsworth se va a la ciudad de Cordoba para ser Lider de Zona, and im staying in Veracruz with an Elder named Elder Smith from California, im excited for the changes, but being with Elder Farnsworth was awesome, im gonna miss that kid a ton.
      Me and my companion this week have been having some pretty cool spiritual experiencias, like finding golden investigators and stuff like that, a bunch a little miracles have been catching us by suprise here within our own area and in the areas of the Elders in our Zone that we have felt really blessed this week, we were able to see the baptism of our newest convert to the church, Hermano Jose Luis, his father in law baptized him, getting him baptized this week was just one of the miracles that happened this week. I keep thinking that the cool things that have been happening to us has something to do with chase being a missionary now, i hope hes having a blast there!
      Thanks for the address of the house, i dont know my release date yet but dont stress about that, ill take care of everything from here, i will let you know when they give it to me, but if my calculations are correct i will be getting off the plane in St George Utah the 31 of October, just in time for halloween :)
      well i gotta go i will write you next week! i love you all a ton!!! and chase, tell me how the russian is going and let me know what building your rooming in ok, i love you bro.

              con amor, Elder Snow

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