Monday, August 26, 2013

This week was an amazing week and I want to share a cool experience that happened to us-the baptism of our newest convert Sister Angelina

     About 3 weeks ago me and my other companion elder Farnsworth one sunday afternoon were in the baptism service of our convert Jose Luis when we see a really old woman come into the room in a wheel chair to watch the baptism. We found out later that that woman was the 85 year old sister Angelina that had been investigating the church for more then 30 years. All of her family are members and she came with them to church sometimes but never wanted to get baptized, she knows the missionary discussions by heart haha. When i was walking past her after the baptism service that day i had a strong spiritual impression to go invite her to be baptized, then i walked over and started talking to her to get to know her a little bit and then i invited her to be baptized, but she kinda just laughed at me saying no haha but then she invited us over to her house to eat lunch in that up coming week, so we did. After about a week and a half of teaching her, she accepted to be baptized, her two grandsons, now return missionaries, baptized her.
     We are really excited for this next up coming week, i hope everything is going well there in St George, i still don't know my release date, and to be honest i don't really want to know it. i love you all a ton!

Elder Snow 

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  1. Great story! Elder Snow is part of a marvelous work!