Tuesday, March 26, 2013

March 25, 2013

         DONT TELL ME YOUR MOVING AND YOU SOLD MY FAVORITE DOG IN THE WORLD THAT LOVES ME!!!!!!!! its alright haha riley didnt even like me anyways.
         A few months ago when you told me you were planning on moving soon, i started to think alot about the new life i will have coming back off the mission, i will be going to college, working, hopefully getting married if my prayers are answered (haha:) and starting a completely new life. Moving from Layton to St George is probably for the best, down there i wont have the temptation of doing stupid stuff with my friends like i did before, because i wont have very many- haha, i´ll live.
         Well this week for us went great, the work is growing a ton here in Piedras Negras. We didnt baptize anyone this week, but we are working with a new investigator named Clara Luz that will be getting baptized (if everything goes acording to the will of the Lord) on Thursday :) I also have some amazing news that i almost cant believe, Brother Pedro and Sister Mariana from Catemaco ( two of our converts last year ) Are planning to get sealed in the Veracruz Temple late June or July, An elder that was in Catemaco a few weeks ago told me that they are still way strong in the church and are getting ready to go to the temple, I just about started to cry when he told me that haha  Well things are going great for us here, i think im starting to like Mexicans more then gringos, see ya next week! oh, send me a video of chase opening his call if you can, if you cant, send me a picture of him opening it! 
     with love, Elder Snow

Monday, March 18, 2013

Hey Fam!!
     Hey everybody its me again! so i hope everything's going good up there in utah, is there still snow? GRANDMA'S TURNING 70!?!? I thought she was like 60 im not even kidding. So like all of you, im out here anxiously awaiting chases mission call, two nights ago i had a dream that he got called to Brazil, so thats my new guess haha i think its revelation ;) something cool that happened to us this week was that we had the two other elders from our district working in our area. In my district, there are only two areas, Piedras Negras y Mixtequilla (they are about a half hour away) but this week there was a carnaval in Mixtequilla that was a little dangerous, so the mission presidente pulled them out of the area for a week and they stayed at our house. it was really great to be able to get to know Elder Morris from Virgina and Elder Cortez from Argentina better. we also had a lot more success this week, we had 62 people at church! thats like almost record breaking here in Piedras Negras! one thing that i really love about this area is that there might not be a whole lot of members, but the members that are here are way strong, and are helping us out a ton giving us the names of their friends and family so that we can teach them. Right about now here, the weather went from really great, to really really hot again, the members say that its just going to get hotter, i cant wait to see my tan line on my arms in about 2 months haha
love, Elder Snow

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

This week we got to go to Veracuz to have a Leadership Conference with the Mission President

We were invited in to eat iguana and iguana eggs :) im not going to lie, i loved it.

March 11, 2013

Hey Everyone!!
        I cant believe that Chases papers are done, I FEEL SO OLD!! its hard for me to believe that i´ve been out here for almost a year and a half now, but then again i cant really remember life without being able to put my missionary name tag on everyday haha Well this week for us was pretty crazy but super great, we had a baptism on Sunday of a 13 year old girl named Marlen, her older brother Jorge le bautiz√≥, Jorge was baptized about a month and a half ago by my  companion elder Chamberlain before i got to Piedras Negras. He had to give up alot of things in his life to be baptized, he has had a tough life so it has been really cool to see the changes he´s had. He went from drug addict, to repenting and then to being baptized, to getting ordained a priest, to going to the temple to baptized for the dead, and now he baptized his little sister that's also changing her life for the better. its been awesome to teach and get to know this family. Last week they invited us over to eat iguana and iguana eggs :) i'm not going to lie, i loved it. This week, we also got go to to veracuz to have a leadership conference with the mission president, It was cool going because i got to see almost half of all my companions that i've had here, because most of them are leaders now too. The work of the lord is growing more and more down here in Mexico, i cant wait till Chase gets to come down here too :) alright well i gotta run, i will write you next week!
    with love, Elder Snow

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Yesterday Elder Chamberlain and i got to go to Veracruz to have a leadership meeting, as we were in a taxi going to the church, we made the driver stop so we could take some pictures of the famous lighthouse of the port of Veracruz.

March 4, 2013

Hey Everybody!
       Wow this week went by fast, i think time goes by faster in the state of Veracruz than in Oaxaca haha I am sorry to hear that Karly fell, its a good thing you didnt put her into Gymnastics ;) no im kidding, sorry Karly, AND HAPPY BIRTHDAY BY THE WAY!!!! i can not believe you're 12! Well here in Piedras Negras i have already learned a ton, i know this branch is really small, but the members here are really strong and are more than happy to do anything to help the missionaries, i have already felt a ton of love and support from them, it's awesome to have great members in the ward you serve in as a missionary, the work of the Lord goes so much more smoothly and we have a ton more success.
       Mom i got your package!! thank you a ton for what you sent me, that package with those letters and little notes are better then gold, thanks a ton, and thanks for the oil containers also, i really have needed that, i´ve been robbing oil from my companions for about 2 months now, it will be awesome having my own little holder again.
       Yesterday Elder Chamberlain and i got to go to Veracruz to have a leadership meeting. As we were in a taxi going to the church, we made the driver stop so we could take some pictures of the famous lighthouse of the port of Veracruz.
        For the whole time i´ve been here we have been working with an investigator named Cezar. He's 12 years old but hes smarter then i am haha he was a referencia from some members that live next door to him, he has been to church for plenty of weeks now, and wants to get baptized. But his parents are from a different church, and wont let him get baptized. this week, we are trying to convince his parents to come to church with us so we can convince them to let him get baptized, you all have to pray a ton so that they will let him, he really is an awesome kid and a huge example for the courage that he´s showing to become the first member out of his whole family.
       Well this is my weekly report, i love you all and i hope you all have a fantastic week, has chase sent in his papers yet?
       Hey chase, when you worked at Garcias, did you know a man named Camilo Herrera Martinez? because if you did, he told me to tell you hi :) he´s from Piedras Negras.
        Ok well i gotta go, i will write you next week!!
with love, Elder Snow