Monday, March 18, 2013

Hey Fam!!
     Hey everybody its me again! so i hope everything's going good up there in utah, is there still snow? GRANDMA'S TURNING 70!?!? I thought she was like 60 im not even kidding. So like all of you, im out here anxiously awaiting chases mission call, two nights ago i had a dream that he got called to Brazil, so thats my new guess haha i think its revelation ;) something cool that happened to us this week was that we had the two other elders from our district working in our area. In my district, there are only two areas, Piedras Negras y Mixtequilla (they are about a half hour away) but this week there was a carnaval in Mixtequilla that was a little dangerous, so the mission presidente pulled them out of the area for a week and they stayed at our house. it was really great to be able to get to know Elder Morris from Virgina and Elder Cortez from Argentina better. we also had a lot more success this week, we had 62 people at church! thats like almost record breaking here in Piedras Negras! one thing that i really love about this area is that there might not be a whole lot of members, but the members that are here are way strong, and are helping us out a ton giving us the names of their friends and family so that we can teach them. Right about now here, the weather went from really great, to really really hot again, the members say that its just going to get hotter, i cant wait to see my tan line on my arms in about 2 months haha
love, Elder Snow

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