Monday, December 31, 2012

Bautismo de Hermano Juan Francisco Reyes Castillo el dia 30 de Diciembro de 2012

        I was really happy to talk to you all last monday!! i feel kinda handicapped talking to people in english right now so i hope you all dont think im totally weird :) Im glad to hear that everything is going great. So im pretty excited to hear where chase will be going on his mission!! when he opens his call, i want you to video tape it and then send it to me, I VOTE MEXICO!!!
        On monday after we got to talk, we had a christmas dinner with some members here in Tuxtepec, we watched a TON of fireworks and got to stay up late (thats rare for missionaries but we got special permission) This week went really well for us, the weather has gotten a little better to the point where i actually wake up a little cold, ITS GREAT!! We also had an awesome baptism service for a man named Juan Francisco, he is a 63 year old man that we found through talking to some members, He was an investigator of gold. When we gave him the book of mormon for the first time he told us he would read it, when we went by his house the next day he said he was just finishing up with 2 Nefi. i didnt really believe him at first, but then when he started to tell us the whole story in detail, i couldnt believe it!! He had been smoking for 44 years, and had been trying to stop for quite some time now. when we invited him to be baptized he accepted and stopped smoking that very day, he hasn't smoked since. Im really grateful to be able to get to know and teach people that are completely ready and prepared by the Lord to hear and accept the gospel.
       ok well i gotta go, i will write you next week!! i love you and miss you all a ton!! with love, Elder Snow

La cena navideña en la casa de algunos miembros en Tuxtepec

Christmas dinner at the home of some members in Tuxtepec

My partner, our ward mission leader and I back of a taxi The district!! Elder Gomez, Herron, Martinez, Snow My comp completely asleep on the floor haha

Monday, December 17, 2012

    Whats up everyone! Well I am very happy to announce the following!! we FINALLY found a member that has skype here en Tuxtepec!!! i will be calling you on skype at 6:00 pm Tuxtepec time on the 24th of December, im pretty excited :) The member that we found that is going to hook us up told us that he is going to hook up his computer to a projector so we can see you all good, hes like the richest dude down here haha
    Everything has been going well here, we have been finding a lot more people to teach because its almost christmas, and the people here are alot more sensitive to the spirit this time of year, we are pretty excited about the baptisms we have plans for these next couple weeks :) Elder Gomez is turning into one of my favorite companions on my mission, i love all my companions that i´ve had, but me and Elder Gomez have a blast! i guess Guatemaltecos are cooler then Mexicanos
    Well i gotta go, sorry my letter is pretty short sin very many pictures, i figure its alright because we will be talking on skype in a week anyway haha well i will write you next week!!!
   with love, Elder Snow

Monday, December 10, 2012

El Templo de Veracruz en la noche

La Conferencia Navideña Misión Mexico Veracruz 2012

 Algunas Elderes de la Zona de Tuxtepec y yo

 La Conferencia Navideña Misión Mexico Veracruz 2012

Actividad en uno de los Barrios de Tuxtepec

Los cerros de Ixcatlan


El Bautismo de Hermanita Heidy

Atras de una camuneta en el camino para ir a Ixcatlan

Estamos en una leccion con Hna Heidy en su casa en Ixcatlan


Los perros feos de Tuxtepec anita

Hey Mom!!
    Hows it going mom! thanks for your email this week! i was way excited to get those pictures of you and the girls, They look alot more grown now, The only pictures that i have of them are the ones we took before i left, and those are the ones i always look at, so when i see new pictures of them they look a ton more grown up to me!! And thanks for sending me my new debit card in that new package, but dont worry everythings fine we have plenty of money, i just like to have it in case of an emergency haha but thanks for sending it to me :)
    So this week was great! we have a mission conference and a christmas celebration so we all got to go to the port of Veracruz again which was alot of fun, We also got to go to the temple!!! thats the first time í´ve done it in spanish! its more fun that way :) It was really cool to see all of my old companions and friends that were there, that trip was one of the highlights of the year for me. This week we also had the awesome chance to work in an area where missionaries have never worked before, in a little pueblo thats called Ixcatlan about an hour and a half from the city of Tuxtepec, We also baptized a little girl from there this week named Heidy that we found from the family of an inactive member, they are now once again, ACTIVATED!!
    Ok well i gotta go, i will write you next week!!! i love you tons and we are still finding out at what hour we will call you on skype on christmas eve!! adios!!
                               with love, Elder Snow

Monday, December 3, 2012

Élder Gomez y yo La Zona de Tuxtepec

Tarantula casi entrando en nuestra casa en Tuxtepec, no dormí nada esta noche jaja

Caminando en la calle Comiendo fruto del arból de la vida :)

Bautismo de Hermanos Adolfo y Christian

Adolfo, Christian, y su mama Trinidad se bautisaron domingo 2 de diciembre 2012

      I hope everything has been going great up there with the greatest snow on earth!! im glad to hear that things have been going well for you, even though Obama won again.
      Thank you so much for the package you sent me mom!! when i went to Veracruz on Tuesday in the morning to pick up my brand new companion, and while i was there i asked if i had a package in, i guess the package system is starting to get faster! Thanks for all of the stuff you all sent!! and sorry, but i opened my presents before christmas.
       Things for me here in Tuxtepec have been going great! My new companions name is Elder Gomez from Guatemala! when i went to Veracruz to pick him up, the mission president told me not to push this one down the stairs ;) i´ll be careful this time haha
       So this week went great for us, we found some new people to teach and we baptized 3 people on sunday, their names are Sister Trinidad and her 2 sons, Adolfo and Christian. i have been teaching their family for about 5 weeks, we found them one day after like 3 appointments fell through and we decided to knock doors for like a half hour, and we just happened to knock on their door, yes i believe in miracles.
       Well i hope you like the pictures i sent, we found a public computer place where the computers are a ton faster so we can send more :) Well i gotta go, i will write you next week!

    - we are still looking for a place so that i can skype you for Christmas, we will find one don't worry :)
                I love you all!! Elder Snow

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Thanksgiving in Mexico

Thanksgiving in Mexico

Thanksgiving in Mexico

Adan y su familia

Adan comiendo su pastel

Adan se bautizó la semana pasada

      HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!! thanksgiving really isnt a holiday in mexico, but we had the luck to have some awesome members of our ward that did an amazing job at cooking us some american food, so we ate mashed potatos and gravy, turkey (they killed one of theirs for us) and some green bean casserole, it was awesome! Im glad you all had a great thanksgiving too, and tell Courtney Hearne congrats on her mision call from me!! There are some Elders here in Veracruz from Costa Rica, they say its great there :)
      YOU CANT MOVE TO ST GEORGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thats my stand on things haha lets just say that when i fly home, im flying home to the salt lake city airport, not the st george one, so if you want to pick me up, you cant move to st george :)
       Well this week for us was really fun and special for me, we had an amazing baptism service on wednesday for a man named Adan that we have been working with for about 2 months, now his whole family has made it to the waters of baptism! This week i also got a call from the mission president on friday for the transfers that we will have this week, he told me that i am being made district leader in Tuxtepec and my companion  I will be getting will be new, i will be training as well. i also completed 13 months today, the half way point for me in the mission field, i feel so old haha well i gotta go, i will write you next week!!
                 with love, Elder Snow