Monday, February 25, 2013

Hey Everyone!
     I cant believe that chase is already getting ready to leave!! in his mission picture he looks a ton older then he did when i left, and a little chubbier too haha
     Well this week was pretty crazy for me, getting to know a new area is always a little tough, but my new area is not what i expected it to be. The zone i was sent to is called Mocambo, its the stake with the Veracruz temple in it, so i thought i would be serving in the city . . . boy was i wrong. About an hour and a half west of the city of Veracruz is where im at, i am not in the city, i feel like im in the middle of nowhere haha. Remember in Catemaco how i was serving in that little pueblo called Hueyapan, well thats kinda how it is. Piedras Negras is a little branch that doesnt even belong to a stake, its a branch of the mission, yesterday we had about 48 people go to church. This area has a whole bunch of little pueblos that are outside the city of Piedras Negras that we get to work in too, like a city called Tlalixcoyan (try saying that 5 times fast). Getting to know the whole area will take me some time. My new compaƱion is from St. George Utah, Elder Chamberlain, i dont think that we are companions just by coincidence, he´s awesome. Well i hope you tell all the new missionaries from our ward that I'm proud of every single one of them, they are needed to serve now more than ever. Has anyone in the ward gotten their call to serve in Mexico yet?? Chase will be the one! alright well i gotta go, i will write you next week!
     with love, Elder Snow

Monday, February 18, 2013

Hey everyone hows it going!!
     So i´ve got some crazy news . . . The mission president called me yesterday, we´ve got transfers. Tomorrow morning early i will be headed to the port of Veracruz to serve as a district leader in a ward called Piedras Negras on the outskirts of the City. I DONT WANT TO LEAVE!!!! i know i´ve had like 4 months here, but its gone by so fast, i feel like i got here yesterday. My new companions name is Elder Chamberlin, he will be my first american companion in the mission field, he´s been trained but he´s still pretty new, ive gotta help him learn spanish.
     Well this week something devastating happened . . . my amazing camera that i have had my whole mission has some problems :( i dont know what is wrong with it, it turns on and everything but the image isn't passing from the lense to the screen where i can see the picture, so every picture i take just shows up black. it stopped working two days ago, so i´ve had to take pictures on my companions camera.   sorry mom   i know it was your camera, i havent dropped it or anything, but it has been in my backpack every single day since i left, so it got banged around a bit, sorry. There are a lot of places to buy a new camera where i will be going in the city of Veracruz. Do you think you could send me some money to buy a new one? i will get a cheap one i promise haha sorry
      Well i gotta go, i will write you next week!

       oh mom, i did get the belt and flashlight, thanks :) i think that other package might be in Veracruz at the offices, i will check if it's there this week, thanks

Monday, February 11, 2013

The coolest happiest day of my mission, yes i do believe in eternal families

Seeing them sealed with their little girl all in white, was by far the best, happiest, most spiritual part not only of my mission, but of my whole life.

Im so grateful and humbled to have seen their conversion, I dont know why the Lord has blessed me so much.

On saturday at about 12 in the afternoon, Nery and Vincent were married for time and all eternity in the Mexico,Veracruz Temple

Nery, Vincent, and the Franco family from Coatzintla

Nery & Vincent

Nery, Vincent, and their missionaries :)

February 11, 2013

  Hey everyone! i sent out a ton of pictures today so i dont have a lot of time to write, but i want you to know that this week has been by far the most spiritual week of my mission. On saturday at about 12 in the afternoon, Nery and Vincent were married for time and all eternity in the Veracruz Temple. It was incredible to see them again! In the Temple, Elder Meraz and I got to be their witnesses, and seeing them with their little girl all in white, was by far the best, happiest, most spiritual part not only of my mission, but of my whole life. Im so grateful and humbled to have seen their conversion, i dont know why the Lord has blessed me so much. Yesterday, we also had the baptism service of Sister Luisa, shes way excited to be a member of this church. Ok well i gotta go, i hope you all like the pictures, i love you,
                                          Elder Snow

Nery and Vincent


Sister Luisas Baptism -She is way excited to be a member of the church

Monday, February 4, 2013

Hey Family
      Whats up everyone! Im glad to hear that everything's going great for you all up there, is there still alot of snow? things have been going really great here for us, were seeing alot of success. The pictures i sent you we took today in the morning, we helped one of our investigators get married so she will be able to be baptized at the end of this week. she is Sister Angela´s daughter.
      Me and my companion had a pretty cool experience this week that i want to share. We have been having a ton of success in one of the colonias here in Tuxtepec called LOMA ALTA, We have about 4 converts, 3 investigators and we are working to activate a few inactives also, all in this one little colonia. At about 5 or 6 in the afternoon, we gather almost all of them and we go to Sister Angelas house to have our lesson. Last thursday, we had about 12 or 13 people there listening to us, and one of our investigators named Blanka Ester ( granddaughter of Sister Angela ) brought her husband to come listen to us too. We have the lesson about the plan of salvation, and talked alot about eternal families and how the gospel of christ can help out the family here on earth. In the middle of the lesson, Blanka´s Husband started to get a little offended ( we dont know why, i think he had heard alot of bad stuff about us) and he started to try to bible bash us a little, then he started to ask us a bunch of dumb questions about the book of mormon and how nobody could really ever know if its true or no. He started to talk for almost half an hour, and me and my companion felt really stupid because we had alot of investigators there, and the lesson that started great turned into a lesson of apostasy from a 25 year old that had never read the bible in his life. Me and my companion couldnt start to fight with him in front of our investigators, so the only thing we could do was pray for the spirit and respond to this guy saying to him things like "hey, you need to read the book before you judge it, and if you pray about it you will know it is true, this book will bless your life a ton", but he just kept on talking and destroying our lesson. And then after about a half hour, Sister Angela ( a tiny little old lady that has about a month in the church ) started to defend us, And then Luisa started to defend us too, and then Brother Juan Francisco started to testify of the book of mormon, and then Blanka started to defend us too, and right about then, The spirit filled the whole place, Watching new converts that have a little over a month in the church, investigators that had only been to church once, and inactives for more then 20 years, start to testify of the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon, and how great they feel when the walk into the chapel and sunday. When this started to happen, Our lesson that i thought was a disaster, turned into one of the most powerfull lessons i have had on my mission. We ended the lesson by inviting the investigators to be baptized, 2 accepted, one was sister Luisa and the other was a man named Jacinto that will be getting baptized at the end of this week also. Reflecting on this lesson with my companion after, we know that the adversary is always trying the destroy the work of the lord, but if we have the spirit, anything is possible.
       Well i hope you all have a fantastic week, I will be going to the veracruz temple on saturday morning, im way excited! i will write you next week the tell you how it went with pictures and everything. I love you all!!!
                                         with love, Elder Snow

      oh, i lost my oil holder that i bought, i cant find it anywhere, could you sent me another one? they dont sell them here haha thanks :)

we are in one of the colonias thats called Siglo 21 in Tuxtepec with the Gomez Family ( Aida and Analilia )

This is Luisa and her family. She will be getting baptized at the end of this week but her and her husband needed to get married first, so we helped them out.