Monday, January 28, 2013

The biggest tarantula I have ever seen, outside of our apartment

One of the members here has a pink rabbit that they found, its awesome, i dont know how they got it pink without killing the little thing. We got to go to Veracruz on Tuesday, im in front of the Mission Offices.

I got that box that mom sent me, I have now turned into the coolest candyman in the Ward here, everyone loves american candy, it just tastes better! Gracias Mama!!!!

Im drinking a coconut in the picture

You would not believe how much meat was on this fish! We fried them in a members house and could barely finish them they were so big!

On Sunday after church finished we baptized 2 little girls, one is named Aida (12 years old) and the other is Analilia (16 years old)

Alberto, a youth in our ward is about to leave on his mission in April so we have been working with him alot. For his first baptism he baptized Aida, he did great.

January 28, 2013

Hey Fam!!
      Hey everyone up there in freezing cold Utah! i heard that the snow is pretty bad up there, dont let that be more of an excuse to move down to St George faster. Here in Tuxtepec it feels really nice, about a month ago i was wickedly hot, but this week has been alot cooler, i actually have to sleep with a blanket and without a fan, its great! So last week when you told me that Neri and Vincent set a date to go to the temple i got excited, i called the mission president so that he could find out when they are going to really do it, I got a call on Friday from Sister Treviño, she told me that they passed their interview and will be going to the Temple on the 9th of next month, about 2 weeks away. The mission president is going to let me and Elder Meraz (my first companion) go with them to the Temple. This has been one of the things i have been praying and fasting for ever since i left Coatzintla, that they would stay active and strong in the the church so in a year they would be able to go to the Temple, and my prayers have been answered, and alot faster than i expected. I havent even been able to sleep these past couple nights i have been so excited!
      This past week for us went by great. On Sunday after church finished we baptized 2 little girls, one is named Aida (12 years old) and the other is Analilia (16 years old). They have a family of about 12 people that we have been working with for the past couple weeks, but Aide and Analilia were the only ones that wanted to be baptized. Aide is like a mexican version of Karly, when we would teach her, i would start trying to imagine if i was teaching Karly, it made the experience a lot more spiritual for me. ok well i gotta go, i love and miss you all alot, i hope everything goes well for you all this week.
                                    Love, Elder Snow

Monday, January 21, 2013

      You guys are going on vacation again!! thats like 20 times now right haha well i hope you have fun down there in san diego. So i hear that allie has now decided to go on a mission now too! Tell her that shes my hero and that she needs to get called to mexico! Im glad you liked those photos i sent of us and Sister Angela, when we told her that we sent those photos all the way to the United States and Guatemala she got all excited, she told me to tell you all hello from her, she loves you too mom! WHEN DID YOU GET THAT MESSAGE FROM AZAEL ABOUT NERY AND VINCENT!!!! i knew they were going to get sealed in februery but i still havent heard what day! i havent been able to comunicate with them very much, only threw written letters because of the mission rules, Februery 2nd is exactly 1 year after they got baptized! THIS IS AMAZING!!! you guys have to tell Azael to tell them that Elder Snow says that he is way excited for them! 
       Well this week has been pretty hard and really busy here for us here but things are going really well, At the begining of this month if was pretty hard finding people to teach because of all the vacations for christmas, but right now we are having alot more success in finding people to teach. This week we also had a multi-zone confrence with a member from the 1st quorm of the Seventy, Elder Jose Alonso, and an area Seventy named Elder Ortiz. They got to come to Veracruz to give us some new ideas of things we can do as missionarys to be better, we learned a TON!!! it was way spiritual.
       Tomorrow my companion and i get to go to the port of veracruz so that my companion can sign his VISA, when im there i will be picking up that package i promise :) Everything has been going super great down here in the coolest part of the world, i hope you all are doing well. Has Chase sent his papers in yet? every monday when i get to the computer i have been expecting to open my email and know where he is getting called!!! you have to let me know right away. ok well i gotta go, i will write you next week!!
Love, Elder Snow

i hope you liked those pictures . . . and yes . . . we killed that tarantula with flaming bug spray

Monday, January 14, 2013

January 14, 2012

Hey Everyone!
      Sorry my email was so short last week, we were in Tuxtepec almost the whole day, but today i´ve got my hour so im happy. Thats pretty awesome the Harwards are going to Cancun! Tuxtepec is really an extremely beautiful place, but the people here say that Cancun is a "paraiso", its like a days ride in a bus from where i am right now, so im not even close haha Well this week went really well for us, we are seeing alot more success in Tuxtepec right now than we were seeing last year, when i got here we had about 40 people at church in our ward, but this week we had 62 people at church, we are growing little by little. The members here help us alot with giving us references, we have been told that we cant knock random doors anymore here in the mexican missions, we have to work from pure members references, they are helping us out alot. Last week we had an amazing baptism of a woman named Angela Fidencio Carretero. She is probably the humblest person i have baptized on my mission, and is an amazing example to me. Angela was a reference that we got from the second counselor in the bishopric, she is a 58 year old lady that lives alone on the outskirts of Tuxtepec. She had a house made out of dried palm tree leaves, but about 3 months ago, her house got set on fire and completely burned to the ground and lost everything. She hasnt had the money to pay someone to help her build her new house because she doesn't have a job because she never learned how to read so she lives in a little makeshift house out of a little wood and lamina. What she does for work is cuts fire wood and sells it around the city. When we got to her house for the first time she was cutting some wood that she carried to her house, and for the first two weeks in teaching her, all we did was go to her house and cut wood for her, that's how we gained her trust :) Its pretty sad when a 58 year old lady can cut a tree down faster and better then two, 20 year old missionaries with a machete haha after teaching her a little more and after she went the church for the first time we invited her to be baptized, at first she was a little afraid of the whole thing, but she eventually accepted. She got baptized on a sunday right after we got done with church so the whole ward was there. My companion baptized her and had to do it 3 times because her feet kept coming out of the water, it was great :) now she is telling everyone about how amazing the church is, and now we are teaching one of her daughters and one of her neighbors. Angela is like my mexican grandma of my mission haha. ok well i gotta go, i love you all and miss you all a ton!
                                           Elder Snow

Monday, January 7, 2013

Hey Family,
     Hey everyone how's it going, chase looks great in his picture with his wisdom teeth out haha he looks like he´s gained 300 pounds ;) I am sorry to say that i have to be short in writing today, two elders from an area in our zone got really sick and we had to go help them out, thats why im writing you so late, everything's fine :) they just got a little food poisoning that's all. This week went really well, we had a blast on new years eve, i have never heard so many fireworks in my life, me and my companion were sitting in our house 12 thinking that the city was being attacked or something, Mexico is awesome!! We also had an awesome experience having a baptism this week with a new convert to the church, Sister Angela, i will write you about her conversion story next week. Well i gotta go, i will write you next week i promise!
                                                                                             Love, Elder Snow

ps, I have not gotten the package yet but don't you worry, i bet its in Veracruz, i will have it probably by next week :)