Monday, January 7, 2013

Hey Family,
     Hey everyone how's it going, chase looks great in his picture with his wisdom teeth out haha he looks like he´s gained 300 pounds ;) I am sorry to say that i have to be short in writing today, two elders from an area in our zone got really sick and we had to go help them out, thats why im writing you so late, everything's fine :) they just got a little food poisoning that's all. This week went really well, we had a blast on new years eve, i have never heard so many fireworks in my life, me and my companion were sitting in our house 12 thinking that the city was being attacked or something, Mexico is awesome!! We also had an awesome experience having a baptism this week with a new convert to the church, Sister Angela, i will write you about her conversion story next week. Well i gotta go, i will write you next week i promise!
                                                                                             Love, Elder Snow

ps, I have not gotten the package yet but don't you worry, i bet its in Veracruz, i will have it probably by next week :)

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