Monday, January 21, 2013

      You guys are going on vacation again!! thats like 20 times now right haha well i hope you have fun down there in san diego. So i hear that allie has now decided to go on a mission now too! Tell her that shes my hero and that she needs to get called to mexico! Im glad you liked those photos i sent of us and Sister Angela, when we told her that we sent those photos all the way to the United States and Guatemala she got all excited, she told me to tell you all hello from her, she loves you too mom! WHEN DID YOU GET THAT MESSAGE FROM AZAEL ABOUT NERY AND VINCENT!!!! i knew they were going to get sealed in februery but i still havent heard what day! i havent been able to comunicate with them very much, only threw written letters because of the mission rules, Februery 2nd is exactly 1 year after they got baptized! THIS IS AMAZING!!! you guys have to tell Azael to tell them that Elder Snow says that he is way excited for them! 
       Well this week has been pretty hard and really busy here for us here but things are going really well, At the begining of this month if was pretty hard finding people to teach because of all the vacations for christmas, but right now we are having alot more success in finding people to teach. This week we also had a multi-zone confrence with a member from the 1st quorm of the Seventy, Elder Jose Alonso, and an area Seventy named Elder Ortiz. They got to come to Veracruz to give us some new ideas of things we can do as missionarys to be better, we learned a TON!!! it was way spiritual.
       Tomorrow my companion and i get to go to the port of veracruz so that my companion can sign his VISA, when im there i will be picking up that package i promise :) Everything has been going super great down here in the coolest part of the world, i hope you all are doing well. Has Chase sent his papers in yet? every monday when i get to the computer i have been expecting to open my email and know where he is getting called!!! you have to let me know right away. ok well i gotta go, i will write you next week!!
Love, Elder Snow

i hope you liked those pictures . . . and yes . . . we killed that tarantula with flaming bug spray

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