Monday, July 30, 2012

     Buenas tardes a todos como estan? yo creo que voy a escribir mi carta esta semana en español, porque es mas facil para mi la verdad, hablen con papa y el puede traducir lo jaja no im just kiddin i´ll write in english. Hows things going in Utah! i´ve heard that the olympics are on right now in london, every single time we knock a door the people are always watching it, How are the States doing? Hey sorry mom that i haven't been answering your questions, i always read your email and then write my letter but i always forget what your questions were haha, but i will do better at answering your questions :) Well this week for us was pretty good, it hasn't rained for like 3 days, but the people here say that the raining is just starting, and will continue. This week we had a mission conference in Veracruz on tuesday, we got to see all of the missionaries that are staying in Mission Mexico Veracruz. When the mission split, i lost alot of friends that left for Xalapa, its pretty awesome because mostly everyone from my district in the MTC ( Elders Larsen, Wilkenson, Ryan, Dalton, and Furgeson) and all of my companions that i have had on the mission so far (Elders Larsen, Meraz, Garcia, and Ramirez) are ALL STAYING IN VERACRUZ!!! im pretty happy that we all get to stay together.
       So me and my companion had another pretty amazing experience this week that i would like to share with all of you. In Hueyapan, we have a member from there branch named Eric thats been helping us alot to find more people to teach. A week ago on sunday, Eric invited us to go visit his grandpa named Valentin, because his grandpa is really really sick right now. We walked into his house and Valentin was hooked up to a machine to help him breath, he was laying on his back not able to move, and his face really looked like he was going to die soon. The doctors here say he has cancer. Valentin told us that he has never really believed in god, and has never went to any church in his 70 years of life, but he asked us if we could help him. So we gave him a blessing, In the blessing, my companion told him that if he puts his faith in Christ, he will be healed in a months time. When we left the house, i was pretty sure that this man was going to die, but boy was i wrong! when we went to visit him on Saturday, he wasn't hooked up to the machine anymore, he was sitting up, eating, and walking around (slowly, but he was walking). I almost couldn't believe it! In the first 5 minutes we were in his house he told us that he believes that God lives, and that he wants to be baptized "en la iglesia de los Mormones". we will be working with him for the next two weeks to prepare him a little more to be baptized.
        One thing that i have learned out here for sure, is that the Priesthood is real, and is the same power that Jesus had when he was healing the sick and helping the blind to see. I know with all my heart that that same power Jesus had has been restored to us in these days by a prophet of God.
       Well that's all i have to report today haha, i will write you next week!
                                                with love, Elder Snow

Monday, July 23, 2012

Hey everyone!!
     Whats up fam, its me again! i hope everythings going well in Utah. I really cant believe that Cassidy got married! what temple did she go to!? if you can, send me photos, and tell her congrats from her friend in Mexico.
     Things are going well here in Catemaco, we didnt have a baptism this week, but we found new people to teach that really are escogidisimos! This week we had cambios (dont remember how to say that in english) but me and my companion are staying the same, and the two of us are excited to stay here in the best area in the mission. So yesterday, i was sitting in sacrament meeting with one of the youth from the branch (because my companion was in Hueyapan, we were on divisions) and about 30 minutes into the service, one of my converts from Coatzintla named Yared and her mom Cecilia walked into the church in Catemaco! I was extremely suprised to see them, because Coatzintla is like 7 or 8 hours from Catemaco! They were on vacation in Veracruz for about a week and they decided to drive 3 hours in the opposite direction to visit me in Catemaco!! It was way awesome to see them, they told me that alot of the people we taught in Coatzintla are still active in the church, and some of them have callings in the ward. I only got to talk to them for like 2 hours but it was pretty much the highlight of my week.
      We will be headed up to Veracruz tomorrow for a mission conference, i will tell Presidente Treviño hey from all of you, I will write you next week!
          Elder Snow

Monday, July 16, 2012


Hey Fam!!!
    Whats up everyone! Did mom trip running again or something?! haha well i hope things went well for all of you this week, thats awesome that chase went to EFY! i dont know why i never went! Well this week for us was a challenge, but everything turned out great! we baptized a 10 year old boy named Israel. Israels mom is a member of the church, but they have been inactive for about 2 years, so we reactivated their family and baptized Israel, we are totally training him to be a future missionary! Yesterday on sunday, it was my turn to go to Hueyapan again, and we gave the Aaronic priesthood to Adolfo (the 12 year old boy we baptzed last week) He showed up at church with a white shirt, tie, black pants, polished shoes, and his backpack with his book of mormon and bible. i know that sounds normal in the united states, but for these people here, its hard to buy all that, especially for a recent convert in Hueyapan. After sacrament meeting, Adolfo worked with us all day visiting less active members and other investigators. He told us he wants to work with us every sunday to prepare for his misson in 6 years. When he turns 18 (mexican missionaries can go when they turn 18), im gonna come back to help his family out so he can go. I really hope some day after my mission, we can all come out here together so you can meet all these people that ive met. and also so Karly can meet Adolfo, because i seriously want them to get married :) Earlier today, me, my companion, and my district leader and his companion went on another hike up a pretty awesome hill thats above Catemaco. its called Punteagudo, the pictures are pretty awesome. Alright well ive gotta go, i´ll write you next week! ANIMO!!!!
                                           Elder Snow

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Cuitlazoyo river (sentimos como Alma) in Hueyapan

BAUTISMO DE Catalina, Graciela, Adolfo, y Valeria 8 de Julio 2012

On Mon, Jul 9, 2012 at 5:19 PM, Jonathan Snow <> wrote:
     Hey everybody hows it going! Those pictures you sent me were great! my companion saw the one of dad flying over Mt Rainier and said, AH SU MECHA GUATE! VOY A SER UN PILOTO CUANDO REGRESO A MI CASA!!! haha chase, karly, kate, and grace all look so much older!! especially grace! Thats awesome dads got a trailrunning club! haha im gonna need to be doing alot of that when i get home, because i think im gonna get fat here pretty soon haha! Our house here in Catemaco has a little taco stand (with the best tacos in the whole world and im not even kidding) right across the street from our house . . . so lets just say we eat there alot :) and the members here feed us a ton also! i dont know how much weight i´ve gained, but im pretty sure i weigh more than chase now. So this week was definitely a week of success, we found a bunch of new people to teach and we baptized 4 people in the Cuitlazoyo river (sentimos como Alma) in Hueyapan. We baptized them on thursday of last week, it was one of those spiritual expiriences that i will never forget. The Spanish language is also getting a ton easier! I finally feel like i can speak it fluently. Im not going to lie, these past 6 months in Mexico not being able to understand alot of things were not easy for me, learning this language is the hardest thing i think ive ever done. But i learned it! and now to be frankly honest i dont really want to go home, no offense mom haha well i´ve gotta go, i´ll write you next week!
                                                Elder Snow

Monday, July 2, 2012

They said we cant mountain climb,
But they never said we cant climb really big hills ;)

     Hey everybody hows it going! i'm glad to hear that you all are suffering with the heat as much as i am ;) not really though, this week it hasn't been very hot here, its pretty rainy. So you rented a boat up at pine view? This is the reason i told you not to sell The Golgi haha thats awesome you all went up there, those days were fun, i´d love to go for a swim right now! So this week was really good, we taught alot of lessons and contacted a bunch of people. Remember that family of 4 that i told you all about in Hueyapan? Well they all accepted baptism for this thursday, and they are way excited! Their names are Catalina, Graciela, Adolfo, and Valeria, they are pretty much a family of gold. This week we went down to Hueyapan to teach them alot, they have been progressing a ton, its crazy to see the change in their faces in only 4 weeks. We had an awesome lesson with them on tuesday about baptism! We were trying to convince them to come to the church Catemaco to get baptized in the font that we have, but during the lesson they all said to us "Jesus got baptized in a river, so if we get baptized in a font it doesnt count, the river is better!" So we will be baptizing them in one of the rivers in Hueyapan this Thursday! ESTOY FLIPPIN ANIMADO!!! Yesterday on sunday, the President of the little branch in Hueyapan went on vacation (he is the only one that holds the melcizidec priesthood in all of Hueyapan), So i got the grand honor to play bishop for a day! me and my companion went on splits with two priests from the branch in Catemaco. My companion stayed in Catemaco and i went to Hueyapan to run things down there, it was pretty cool! ok i gotta go, i´ll write you next week!!
                                     Elder Snow

       Hey everybody hows it going! I bet you all are having a blast now that its summer time! Right now in Catemaco, its getting to be the rainy season. People say it rains here everyday non stop for about 3 months! Its starting to remind me of the movie Forrest Gump a little, because yes it has rained for about a week and i dont think its going to stop any time soon haha! But it feels great to get a break from the sun and humidity. This week was alright, we had plans to baptize again this week, but when it rains, people dont feel like coming to church. But we will most likely be baptizing again this Saturday so its all good :) So remember how i said that we have been working in a little town called Hueyapan? Well we have been heading up there almost half of this week to work with the family we found. The little town of Hueyapan is in the middle of two rivers, and when it rains really hard, the rivers grow and the whole town floods . . . really bad . . . About 3 years ago during the rainy season, the whole town was under water, the houses and everything. The people here say that it happens about every 4 or 5 years! So me and my companion are really glad we live in Catemaco :) but if the rivers flood again this year, VAMOS A BAUTIZAR TODO EL PUEBLO!! haha just kidding, it probably wont flood this year. Well i gotta go, i will write you next week!
                       with love, Elder Snow