Tuesday, July 10, 2012

On Mon, Jul 9, 2012 at 5:19 PM, Jonathan Snow <snowj@myldsmail.net> wrote:
     Hey everybody hows it going! Those pictures you sent me were great! my companion saw the one of dad flying over Mt Rainier and said, AH SU MECHA GUATE! VOY A SER UN PILOTO CUANDO REGRESO A MI CASA!!! haha chase, karly, kate, and grace all look so much older!! especially grace! Thats awesome dads got a trailrunning club! haha im gonna need to be doing alot of that when i get home, because i think im gonna get fat here pretty soon haha! Our house here in Catemaco has a little taco stand (with the best tacos in the whole world and im not even kidding) right across the street from our house . . . so lets just say we eat there alot :) and the members here feed us a ton also! i dont know how much weight i´ve gained, but im pretty sure i weigh more than chase now. So this week was definitely a week of success, we found a bunch of new people to teach and we baptized 4 people in the Cuitlazoyo river (sentimos como Alma) in Hueyapan. We baptized them on thursday of last week, it was one of those spiritual expiriences that i will never forget. The Spanish language is also getting a ton easier! I finally feel like i can speak it fluently. Im not going to lie, these past 6 months in Mexico not being able to understand alot of things were not easy for me, learning this language is the hardest thing i think ive ever done. But i learned it! and now to be frankly honest i dont really want to go home, no offense mom haha well i´ve gotta go, i´ll write you next week!
                                                Elder Snow

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