Monday, July 23, 2012

Hey everyone!!
     Whats up fam, its me again! i hope everythings going well in Utah. I really cant believe that Cassidy got married! what temple did she go to!? if you can, send me photos, and tell her congrats from her friend in Mexico.
     Things are going well here in Catemaco, we didnt have a baptism this week, but we found new people to teach that really are escogidisimos! This week we had cambios (dont remember how to say that in english) but me and my companion are staying the same, and the two of us are excited to stay here in the best area in the mission. So yesterday, i was sitting in sacrament meeting with one of the youth from the branch (because my companion was in Hueyapan, we were on divisions) and about 30 minutes into the service, one of my converts from Coatzintla named Yared and her mom Cecilia walked into the church in Catemaco! I was extremely suprised to see them, because Coatzintla is like 7 or 8 hours from Catemaco! They were on vacation in Veracruz for about a week and they decided to drive 3 hours in the opposite direction to visit me in Catemaco!! It was way awesome to see them, they told me that alot of the people we taught in Coatzintla are still active in the church, and some of them have callings in the ward. I only got to talk to them for like 2 hours but it was pretty much the highlight of my week.
      We will be headed up to Veracruz tomorrow for a mission conference, i will tell Presidente Treviño hey from all of you, I will write you next week!
          Elder Snow

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