Monday, July 16, 2012

Hey Fam!!!
    Whats up everyone! Did mom trip running again or something?! haha well i hope things went well for all of you this week, thats awesome that chase went to EFY! i dont know why i never went! Well this week for us was a challenge, but everything turned out great! we baptized a 10 year old boy named Israel. Israels mom is a member of the church, but they have been inactive for about 2 years, so we reactivated their family and baptized Israel, we are totally training him to be a future missionary! Yesterday on sunday, it was my turn to go to Hueyapan again, and we gave the Aaronic priesthood to Adolfo (the 12 year old boy we baptzed last week) He showed up at church with a white shirt, tie, black pants, polished shoes, and his backpack with his book of mormon and bible. i know that sounds normal in the united states, but for these people here, its hard to buy all that, especially for a recent convert in Hueyapan. After sacrament meeting, Adolfo worked with us all day visiting less active members and other investigators. He told us he wants to work with us every sunday to prepare for his misson in 6 years. When he turns 18 (mexican missionaries can go when they turn 18), im gonna come back to help his family out so he can go. I really hope some day after my mission, we can all come out here together so you can meet all these people that ive met. and also so Karly can meet Adolfo, because i seriously want them to get married :) Earlier today, me, my companion, and my district leader and his companion went on another hike up a pretty awesome hill thats above Catemaco. its called Punteagudo, the pictures are pretty awesome. Alright well ive gotta go, i´ll write you next week! ANIMO!!!!
                                           Elder Snow

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