Monday, July 2, 2012

     Hey everybody hows it going! i'm glad to hear that you all are suffering with the heat as much as i am ;) not really though, this week it hasn't been very hot here, its pretty rainy. So you rented a boat up at pine view? This is the reason i told you not to sell The Golgi haha thats awesome you all went up there, those days were fun, i´d love to go for a swim right now! So this week was really good, we taught alot of lessons and contacted a bunch of people. Remember that family of 4 that i told you all about in Hueyapan? Well they all accepted baptism for this thursday, and they are way excited! Their names are Catalina, Graciela, Adolfo, and Valeria, they are pretty much a family of gold. This week we went down to Hueyapan to teach them alot, they have been progressing a ton, its crazy to see the change in their faces in only 4 weeks. We had an awesome lesson with them on tuesday about baptism! We were trying to convince them to come to the church Catemaco to get baptized in the font that we have, but during the lesson they all said to us "Jesus got baptized in a river, so if we get baptized in a font it doesnt count, the river is better!" So we will be baptizing them in one of the rivers in Hueyapan this Thursday! ESTOY FLIPPIN ANIMADO!!! Yesterday on sunday, the President of the little branch in Hueyapan went on vacation (he is the only one that holds the melcizidec priesthood in all of Hueyapan), So i got the grand honor to play bishop for a day! me and my companion went on splits with two priests from the branch in Catemaco. My companion stayed in Catemaco and i went to Hueyapan to run things down there, it was pretty cool! ok i gotta go, i´ll write you next week!!
                                     Elder Snow

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