Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Tucán de unos investigadores Caminando en Hueyapan

Hermana Catalina (conversa mia), su hijo, y su nieto Élder Cárdenas y yo

Laguna de Catemaco

Laguna de Catemaco

Ultimos momentos con la familia de Pedro y Mariana (conversos mios) Ellos tienen planes para entrar al Templo de Veracruz en 7 meses! Familia Eterna :)

La familia de Pedro y Mariana

Hermana Josafina de la rama en Catemaco y Yo

Elder Cardenas y Yo

No se` si han visto estas fotos, Pero aqui estan jaja

Monday, October 29, 2012

Una casas de algunos investigadores

Elder Ibarra y yo

"Yo y mi pajaro"

Mi arbol favorito de Tuxtepec!

Actividad de zona comiendo tortas!

Bautismo de Hermana Maria Luisa

Hey everybody!!!
       Sorry i had to send those photos all in different messages (it took a while), but that is the only way i figured out how to do it on these computers haha i hope you like them :)
       I was extremely surprised when my zone leaders came back from a zone conference in Veracruz and had that package for me, that was way quick!!! Thanks a ton for all the candy!! my companion has eaten more then i have haha and those glow in the dark balloons are definitely keeping the youth in our ward in Tuxtepec happy and amazed! Thanks mom i love ya!!
       This week went great for us here in my new area, my new house is great! the only bad part is that i guess having a toilet seat isn't really on the priority list for people from Oaxaca, so our house doesn't have one, and we don't have a washing machine, and there aren't any members here that have them, so we wash our cloths by hand in a bucket :) But other then those two things in Tuxtapec, i love it here!! ive pretty much learned the area and we are finding some great new people to teach, the work is good. The people here are a little more accepting then the people from Catemaco, its a lot easier to find people to teach haha or i guess my faith has just grown alot. Well i gotta go, I will write and send more pictures next week!
                        with love, Elder Snow
      Hey, we had a zone activity the other day, and we got permision to watching the movie 17 milagrols in spanish :) the sound track to that movie has been stuck in my head all this week!! So if its not to much trouble, that would be the only thing on my christmas list this year, the sound track to that movie :) i will pay you back i promise haha

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

       Hey how's it going its me again!! Im pretty excited hearing from chase that he´s getting ready to leave, When he opens his call i want a video sent to me haha Wouldnt it be amazing if he got sent to Veracruz! or at least somewhere in Mexico! im praying it happens haha. so i sure hope you are all enjoying the amazing weather up there, because right about now i feel like im a hot pocket that just came out of the microwave . . . it was really hot down here this week. My new area isn't in the state of Veracruz, its on the border but its in the state of Oaxaca in a city called Tuxtepec. The missionaries that are here say that its the 2nd hottest area on the mission, and i think i believe it. My new companion is Elder Ibarra from Mexico City! We have almost the same time on the mission, so its really fun to work with him, i feel like we are going to have alot of success together :) the only bad thing about him is that he eats a ton of spicy stuff, ive learned to love hot peppers, but not the hot peppers this Elder eats haha One thing that was great about this change was that we got to move into a new apartment that the missionaries have never lived in before!! One thing about missionary houses in mexico is . . . they arent very clean lets just say that haha but this change we got to move into a totally new house with new beds and new tables and everything! ok well i gotta go, i will email you next week!!
                   with love, Elder Snow

Monday, October 15, 2012

          Whats up Utah! Ok so im really glad that you all got my email last week haha i wasnt sure if you got it because i left the computer before i was sure, Sorry you hadnt gotten anything from me in a while. Well i have some bittersweet news, IM GETTING TRANSFERRED!!!!!! i thought i was going to be in Catemaco for another month and a half, but i got a call from the mission president on saturday night saying that im going to leave catemaco tomorrow to go to a new area, but the area isnt in the state of Veracruz, my new area is called Tuxtepec in the state of Oaxaca haha its about 3 or 4 hours from Catemaco. im not sure who my new companion will be but i hope he´s Mexican haha!
          Im pretty sure that every missionary serving in the world right now got way excited like i did when the Prophet changed the rules of age to serve a mission, but now im even more excited that alot of the youth from the ward in Layton are taking advantage of this awesome opportunity. i cant wait to hear where they are all going!! Chase, if you turn in your papers in december, you will probably be leaving just a little after you graduate!! im way excited for you, just pray you go to Mexico :) but dont even think about turning in your papers without reading Preach My Gospel first, you will be glad you did :) ok well i´ve gotta go, i will write you next week and tell you all about my new companion!!!
       with love, Élder Snow

Monday, October 8, 2012

     Ok, i am not sure why you didnt get my email last week, because i promise i sent one haha SORRY MOM! last week at about 11 on monday i was writing an email to you all with pictures and everything, and then when i sent it, i realized that i had a new message that was sent from dad, so i responded to his email and thats when i said - Yep, he´s a greeny - sorry that you didnt get my email, i will try to do better at emailing haha and mom, please dont call the mission offices and ask them to let me have more time to write, i promise i will do my best to write to you haha i just dont have any control over if the email gets to you or not (remember im in Mexico?) haha! i tried to forward the message of last week to you all again, hopefully you get it!
      Well this week here was a little stressful, but it was a good week, General Conference was a BLAST!!! i got to see the Priesthood Session in english!! the rest was in spanish but it was alright. We had quite a few investigators that went with us to see the Conference, i know that they felt the spirit, and we are praying that they will take the next step and get baptized! Its been pretty hard here the past 4 or 5 weeks, we´ve been working as hard as we can to find new people to teach, but we haven't had very much luck. I´ve definitely felt that these past 4 weeks have been the hardest on my mission, but i feel closer to my Heavenly Father now, than i have i think in my whole life. Its amazing what trials do for us. ok, voy a escribir las respuestas a las preguntas que mama me dijo, para que ella no me regañe jaja
       1. we have an hour to write every week, but i spend half the time writing my weekly letter to the mission president and about 15 minutes waiting for my pictures to load on these computers we are using (DO NOT ask the mission president to let me have more time to write, i like staying on his good side haha)
       2. Conference was great!! i totally loved it
       3. I WOULD LOVE ANOTHER PACKAGE!!! thanks :) the only thing i can think of is more of those neon balloons (the youth from Catemaco thought those were the COOLEST things ever) i will let you know if i need anything else
       4. i only told my companion that it was my birthday, i didnt tell anyone else because if a missionary tells one sister from the ward that its his birthday, the word gets out and before you know it everyone and their dog tries to throw us a party. . . so i just had a normal day :) at night me and my companion went back to the house, ate a pizza, and drank like 3 or 4 gallons of soda, the best birthday EVER!!
       5. yes mom i will write you a letter :)
     Well i better go now, but i´ve got a few things to say to chase first,      I hope you heard the prophet on saturday, i love you bro, but i dont want to see you when i get home :) Im praying that you go to Mexico haha
      Love, Élder Snow