Monday, October 29, 2012

Hey everybody!!!
       Sorry i had to send those photos all in different messages (it took a while), but that is the only way i figured out how to do it on these computers haha i hope you like them :)
       I was extremely surprised when my zone leaders came back from a zone conference in Veracruz and had that package for me, that was way quick!!! Thanks a ton for all the candy!! my companion has eaten more then i have haha and those glow in the dark balloons are definitely keeping the youth in our ward in Tuxtepec happy and amazed! Thanks mom i love ya!!
       This week went great for us here in my new area, my new house is great! the only bad part is that i guess having a toilet seat isn't really on the priority list for people from Oaxaca, so our house doesn't have one, and we don't have a washing machine, and there aren't any members here that have them, so we wash our cloths by hand in a bucket :) But other then those two things in Tuxtapec, i love it here!! ive pretty much learned the area and we are finding some great new people to teach, the work is good. The people here are a little more accepting then the people from Catemaco, its a lot easier to find people to teach haha or i guess my faith has just grown alot. Well i gotta go, I will write and send more pictures next week!
                        with love, Elder Snow
      Hey, we had a zone activity the other day, and we got permision to watching the movie 17 milagrols in spanish :) the sound track to that movie has been stuck in my head all this week!! So if its not to much trouble, that would be the only thing on my christmas list this year, the sound track to that movie :) i will pay you back i promise haha

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