Tuesday, October 23, 2012

       Hey how's it going its me again!! Im pretty excited hearing from chase that he´s getting ready to leave, When he opens his call i want a video sent to me haha Wouldnt it be amazing if he got sent to Veracruz! or at least somewhere in Mexico! im praying it happens haha. so i sure hope you are all enjoying the amazing weather up there, because right about now i feel like im a hot pocket that just came out of the microwave . . . it was really hot down here this week. My new area isn't in the state of Veracruz, its on the border but its in the state of Oaxaca in a city called Tuxtepec. The missionaries that are here say that its the 2nd hottest area on the mission, and i think i believe it. My new companion is Elder Ibarra from Mexico City! We have almost the same time on the mission, so its really fun to work with him, i feel like we are going to have alot of success together :) the only bad thing about him is that he eats a ton of spicy stuff, ive learned to love hot peppers, but not the hot peppers this Elder eats haha One thing that was great about this change was that we got to move into a new apartment that the missionaries have never lived in before!! One thing about missionary houses in mexico is . . . they arent very clean lets just say that haha but this change we got to move into a totally new house with new beds and new tables and everything! ok well i gotta go, i will email you next week!!
                   with love, Elder Snow

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