Monday, September 24, 2012

      Hey everybody whats up! Thank you for all the birthday messages!! im pretty excited to a birthday in Mexico, cause the parties are always a ton better here haha its kinda wierd that im turning 20, but im pretty excited because in one more year i can legally buy alcohol in the United States! just kidding mom . . haha well this week has been pretty crazy here, Elder Jimenez left to return to the Dominican Republic on Wednesday, i was pretty bummed out because two weeks ago before he fell, he told me that he was way excited to be on the mission, and that it would be better to die out here in the field then to go home early. He called me on tuesday night from Veracruz and sounded a ton better, he said that he will be coming back to the mission field in a year if the doctors give him permission to leave again. On Monday night of last week, i got my new companion, Elder Cárdenas from Monterrey Mexico!! its awesome that i havent had any companions from the united states here in mexico, because i feel like my spanish is getting better without talking in english. Well i gotta go, my time is up, i will write more next week i promise! haha adios
                         con amor, Élder Snow

Monday, September 17, 2012

September 17, 2012

Hey everybody!!!
     Hey hows everyone doing up there! I hope everyones happy now that schools started, well at least i know mom is haha! The school system here in Mexico is alot different but most of the kids have started school, which makes it a little easier to find parents with nothing to do but listen to us preach the gospel :) This week we learned a whole ton of new stuff, stuff that we probably wouldnt have learned if we didnt go through what we went through this week. On Tuesday, we went to a members house to eat at 2, me and my new companion found a new person to teach on monday so we planned to visit them after we ate. As we were walking to our appointment Elder Jimenez told me that he had a headache and wanted to stop by our apartment to take some pain pills. When we got to our apartment, we started walking up the stairs to the house ( we live on the 2nd floor ) I went inside the house, but Elder Jimenez just stayed at the top of the stairs to rest ( i just thought he was tired ). When i came back out with his pills, i asked him if he still wanted to take them, but he didnt answer me. Then out of nowhere, Elder Jimenez passed out and fell backwards all the way down our cement stair case ( about 20 steps ). When i got down to him he was completely unconcious but his eyes were open, and his jaw was closed so tight that he was almost biting off his tongue. I gave him a blessing as fast as i could and then called the mission president. Then i called some members that helped me drag him into the back seat of a truck to take him to the hospital. When we got there, the doctors told us that he was having an epileptic attack and that they couldnt really do anything for him ( the hospital in Catemaco is pretty small ). So i called the mission president again and he drove the 3 hour drive from Veracruz to take Elder Jimenez to a better hospital in Veracruz. Right now im staying with some other missionaries from a different area, but we still arent sure if Elder Jimenez will be coming back to Catemaco or if he will be going home to the Dominican Republic. Also this week on thursday night from the members in Hueyapan that Valentin Valdez Hererra, the man we baptized 2 and a half weeks ago, passed away.  :(  The members said that for about two days he was having alot of trouble breathing, but they couldnt take him to the hospital, and then on thursday at about 5, he was laying in his bed with his family and asked his nefew ( who is a member ) if they could say a prayer. Valentin closed his eyes and said the prayer, but when he finished, he didnt open his eyes again.
       For me this week has been pretty tough, but im sure everything happens for a reason. I will write you next week to let you know who my companion will be, with love
                                                   Elder Snow

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

      Hey i am so sorry . . . but again i have zero time to write, i´ve spent my whole hour on the computer helping my new companion learn how to use myldsmail, and writing my weekly report to the mission president (which is a whole lot longer now that i have a greeny) HAHA! My new companions name is Elder Jimenez from the Dominican Republic, yeah i know, now i totally have hook ups for awesome vacations in the carribean! He has an awesome accent in spanish! i think if im lucky it will rub off on me haha! well i gotta go, I PROMISE I WILL WRITE MORE NEXT WEEK!!!
      Elder Snow

Monday, September 3, 2012

HELLO AGAIN FAMILY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
     Hey how's everybody doing! thats awesome that mom and grace had a great time in DC this week, did you see Obama?? or is he even still president?? ive been in mexico so long that i have no clue what in the world is happening in the US haha! but i have been hearing a little bit about a mormon guy that might get elected this year. Is that true?
     So this week, ive got some really bad news :( and some really good news :) which do you want first? haha the bad news is that we have transfers this week and my companion and great friend that i have had for the past 4 and a half months Elder Ramirez will be changed to an area close the the port of Veracruz. But the good news is I WILL BE STAYING IN CATEMACO!!!!!!!!!! i got a call from the mission president on saturday and he told me that he wants me to stay in Catemaco this transfer to be bumped up from senior companion to be a trainer for a new missionary! i will be headed to Veracruz tomorrow morning early to get my new companion strait out of the MTC. i dont know what country he's from, what color he is, or what language he speaks, but i will let you know all of that next monday :) I love you all a ton!
         Elder Snow

the pictures i sent are from valentines baptism last week