Monday, September 3, 2012

HELLO AGAIN FAMILY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
     Hey how's everybody doing! thats awesome that mom and grace had a great time in DC this week, did you see Obama?? or is he even still president?? ive been in mexico so long that i have no clue what in the world is happening in the US haha! but i have been hearing a little bit about a mormon guy that might get elected this year. Is that true?
     So this week, ive got some really bad news :( and some really good news :) which do you want first? haha the bad news is that we have transfers this week and my companion and great friend that i have had for the past 4 and a half months Elder Ramirez will be changed to an area close the the port of Veracruz. But the good news is I WILL BE STAYING IN CATEMACO!!!!!!!!!! i got a call from the mission president on saturday and he told me that he wants me to stay in Catemaco this transfer to be bumped up from senior companion to be a trainer for a new missionary! i will be headed to Veracruz tomorrow morning early to get my new companion strait out of the MTC. i dont know what country he's from, what color he is, or what language he speaks, but i will let you know all of that next monday :) I love you all a ton!
         Elder Snow

the pictures i sent are from valentines baptism last week

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