Monday, August 27, 2012

    Hey whats up hows it going! ok so this week we have a half hour to write, so i dont have a lot of time to write, but tell chase and dad that im sorry i wont be writing them this week, because mom's cooler haha!
    1. I GOT THE PACKAGE!!!! :) i think i got it so early this time because of the split of the mission! When i got these birthday presents, i told myself that i wasnt going to open them until sep 27 . . . but i couldnt help myself :) thanks for the clothes and the watch! my companion says he wants more of those LED balloons, we had a blast with those haha!
    2. with the $1300 pesos i bought a new memory for my camera and a new usb stick for more pictures. With the extra $500 pesos that ive got im just keeping it in my house just in case we have like an emergency
    3. Valentin was baptized on Friday, it was one of the happiest moments of my mission i've had so far. Me and my companion both baptized him, because he can barely stand up, let alone walk! but this week i cant send you pictures of his baptism :( becuase the computer im on right now is pretty beat up (the computers in this part of mexico are alot different than the computers in the united states haha)
    Everything has been going great for me down here! i'm healthy again, and i will never eat at that taco stand ever again haha! we have changes in about a week so we will find out on friday which one of us will be sent to a different part of Veracruz, i will let you know next monday. i love you a ton mom thanks for the package and all your support, i will pray for you this week while you're in washington if you pray for these people here in mexico deal? :) and also tell chase and dad that i couldnt open their pictures on this lame computer, so if you send me pictures, i need you to send them one at a time in different emails or else i cant open them, but thanks for trying haha i will write you next week, Adios!

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