Monday, August 6, 2012

     Whats up fam! Hows the dry heat up there in Utah? Some new missionaries got here last week strait from the MTC and say that its pretty flippin hot there right now. Well i hope things went well this week, JESSICA JONES IS GETTING MARRIED TOO!!! thats awesome! Give her a hug and congrats from her coolest cousin haha! Well this week was pretty good here, its kinda annoying when it rains though, because i feel like it just gets hotter, its the wierdest thing haha. Our baptism that we had planned last week fell through, but she will be getting baptized this week on the 11th so its all good :) we will be baptizing a 25 year old lady named Mariana. We found her about 2 weeks ago in a little town on the outskirts of Catemaco. Elder Ramírez and i were walking in the street going to an appointment when a 40 year old lady contacted us randomly. She asked if we were mormon missionaries, when we told her we were she said "oh how great, well im not mormon im baptist, but my daughter moved here from Acayucan (a big city south of Hueyapan, its in a different mission) about a week ago and has been looking for you" So we wrote down her address and passed by her house the next day. Mariana had been taking the missionary lessons in Acayucan before she moved, went to church like 5 times, and almost got baptized, But she had a really big problem with her husband and moved to Catemaco with her 2 year old son over night. Our first visit with her, she asked us if we could still baptize her, and we were like CLARO QUE SI!!!!!!! so she will be getting baptized on Saturday. Alright well i gotta go, i will write you next week! and mom thank you so much for sending me another package! i will tell you right when i get it! Adios!!
                Elder Snow

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