Monday, August 20, 2012

     I hope you all dont get sick of hearing from me every week, because im going to write you whether you like it or not haha! Hey whats happening up there in Utah! i´ve been hearing about some pretty crazy wild fires, are there any close to you all? we dont have that problem here in Catemaco :) because everything is always wet! So i wont lie, this week was pretty tough for me out here, i got pretty sick for the first time in the mission field. Me and my companion finalized our baptism on thursday for a little girl that got baptized on saturday, and we're pretty happy about it, so we treated ourselves to some good looking tacos in a place where we had never eaten before. . . . horrible mistake! HORRIBLE!!!! Lets just say i slept on the toilet for 2 nights and was running to the bathroom every 15 minutes during the day, no joke. For the baptism on saturday i was still sick, I wasnt thinking very straight, so i forgot my white tie. (that's why i look goofy in the picture). But everything's alright now :) i feel great, but we will never be eating out at that taco stand ever again. So on a brighter note, that little girl we baptized on saturday is named Judith. She is a 10 year old girl that we found off of a reference from some inactive / new members that moved to Catemaco from Chihuahua about 6 months ago. It was really fun teaching her and reactivating her family, because she is like a mexicana version of Katie bug. It was pretty cool for me to imagine that i was teaching Kate, it made everything more special and spiritual for me. This week, we are going to baptize that old man i wrote you about 2 weeks ago. His name is Valentine, his conversion and the experiences we are having with this 78 year old man with cancer is becoming one of the most spiritual experiences i have had on the mission. But i will tell you all about it next week after we baptize him :) we will be baptizing him on Friday, it would help alot if you could all pray for him and his health this week so that things will go smoothly for his baptism. Well i gotta go, see you next week!
      con amor, Elder Snow

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