Monday, September 24, 2012

      Hey everybody whats up! Thank you for all the birthday messages!! im pretty excited to a birthday in Mexico, cause the parties are always a ton better here haha its kinda wierd that im turning 20, but im pretty excited because in one more year i can legally buy alcohol in the United States! just kidding mom . . haha well this week has been pretty crazy here, Elder Jimenez left to return to the Dominican Republic on Wednesday, i was pretty bummed out because two weeks ago before he fell, he told me that he was way excited to be on the mission, and that it would be better to die out here in the field then to go home early. He called me on tuesday night from Veracruz and sounded a ton better, he said that he will be coming back to the mission field in a year if the doctors give him permission to leave again. On Monday night of last week, i got my new companion, Elder Cárdenas from Monterrey Mexico!! its awesome that i havent had any companions from the united states here in mexico, because i feel like my spanish is getting better without talking in english. Well i gotta go, my time is up, i will write more next week i promise! haha adios
                         con amor, Élder Snow

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