Monday, July 2, 2012

       Hey everybody hows it going! I bet you all are having a blast now that its summer time! Right now in Catemaco, its getting to be the rainy season. People say it rains here everyday non stop for about 3 months! Its starting to remind me of the movie Forrest Gump a little, because yes it has rained for about a week and i dont think its going to stop any time soon haha! But it feels great to get a break from the sun and humidity. This week was alright, we had plans to baptize again this week, but when it rains, people dont feel like coming to church. But we will most likely be baptizing again this Saturday so its all good :) So remember how i said that we have been working in a little town called Hueyapan? Well we have been heading up there almost half of this week to work with the family we found. The little town of Hueyapan is in the middle of two rivers, and when it rains really hard, the rivers grow and the whole town floods . . . really bad . . . About 3 years ago during the rainy season, the whole town was under water, the houses and everything. The people here say that it happens about every 4 or 5 years! So me and my companion are really glad we live in Catemaco :) but if the rivers flood again this year, VAMOS A BAUTIZAR TODO EL PUEBLO!! haha just kidding, it probably wont flood this year. Well i gotta go, i will write you next week!
                       with love, Elder Snow

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