Monday, January 28, 2013

January 28, 2013

Hey Fam!!
      Hey everyone up there in freezing cold Utah! i heard that the snow is pretty bad up there, dont let that be more of an excuse to move down to St George faster. Here in Tuxtepec it feels really nice, about a month ago i was wickedly hot, but this week has been alot cooler, i actually have to sleep with a blanket and without a fan, its great! So last week when you told me that Neri and Vincent set a date to go to the temple i got excited, i called the mission president so that he could find out when they are going to really do it, I got a call on Friday from Sister Treviño, she told me that they passed their interview and will be going to the Temple on the 9th of next month, about 2 weeks away. The mission president is going to let me and Elder Meraz (my first companion) go with them to the Temple. This has been one of the things i have been praying and fasting for ever since i left Coatzintla, that they would stay active and strong in the the church so in a year they would be able to go to the Temple, and my prayers have been answered, and alot faster than i expected. I havent even been able to sleep these past couple nights i have been so excited!
      This past week for us went by great. On Sunday after church finished we baptized 2 little girls, one is named Aida (12 years old) and the other is Analilia (16 years old). They have a family of about 12 people that we have been working with for the past couple weeks, but Aide and Analilia were the only ones that wanted to be baptized. Aide is like a mexican version of Karly, when we would teach her, i would start trying to imagine if i was teaching Karly, it made the experience a lot more spiritual for me. ok well i gotta go, i love and miss you all alot, i hope everything goes well for you all this week.
                                    Love, Elder Snow

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