Monday, February 25, 2013

Hey Everyone!
     I cant believe that chase is already getting ready to leave!! in his mission picture he looks a ton older then he did when i left, and a little chubbier too haha
     Well this week was pretty crazy for me, getting to know a new area is always a little tough, but my new area is not what i expected it to be. The zone i was sent to is called Mocambo, its the stake with the Veracruz temple in it, so i thought i would be serving in the city . . . boy was i wrong. About an hour and a half west of the city of Veracruz is where im at, i am not in the city, i feel like im in the middle of nowhere haha. Remember in Catemaco how i was serving in that little pueblo called Hueyapan, well thats kinda how it is. Piedras Negras is a little branch that doesnt even belong to a stake, its a branch of the mission, yesterday we had about 48 people go to church. This area has a whole bunch of little pueblos that are outside the city of Piedras Negras that we get to work in too, like a city called Tlalixcoyan (try saying that 5 times fast). Getting to know the whole area will take me some time. My new compañion is from St. George Utah, Elder Chamberlain, i dont think that we are companions just by coincidence, he´s awesome. Well i hope you tell all the new missionaries from our ward that I'm proud of every single one of them, they are needed to serve now more than ever. Has anyone in the ward gotten their call to serve in Mexico yet?? Chase will be the one! alright well i gotta go, i will write you next week!
     with love, Elder Snow

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