Tuesday, November 27, 2012

      HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!! thanksgiving really isnt a holiday in mexico, but we had the luck to have some awesome members of our ward that did an amazing job at cooking us some american food, so we ate mashed potatos and gravy, turkey (they killed one of theirs for us) and some green bean casserole, it was awesome! Im glad you all had a great thanksgiving too, and tell Courtney Hearne congrats on her mision call from me!! There are some Elders here in Veracruz from Costa Rica, they say its great there :)
      YOU CANT MOVE TO ST GEORGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thats my stand on things haha lets just say that when i fly home, im flying home to the salt lake city airport, not the st george one, so if you want to pick me up, you cant move to st george :)
       Well this week for us was really fun and special for me, we had an amazing baptism service on wednesday for a man named Adan that we have been working with for about 2 months, now his whole family has made it to the waters of baptism! This week i also got a call from the mission president on friday for the transfers that we will have this week, he told me that i am being made district leader in Tuxtepec and my companion  I will be getting will be new, i will be training as well. i also completed 13 months today, the half way point for me in the mission field, i feel so old haha well i gotta go, i will write you next week!!
                 with love, Elder Snow

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