Tuesday, November 13, 2012

      I hope you all aren't sick of hearing from me yet haha these weeks are flying by so fast that i feel like i wrote you yesterday! Thanks for the pictures that you sent me! my companion thinks its awesome how much it snows up there in Utah. Its cool to look at pictures of my old house all snowy, while im sitting in a little public computer room in the middle of central Tuxtepec with no air conditioning putting a fan on high blowing right in my face because its so wickedly hot here in November haha! Well im glad to hear that mom had a good birthday! that's great that Grandma Grandpa Q and Drew got to go down to see mom! And make sure to tell brady and trevor that im way happy for them that they will be headed off on the mission soon!!!
      Well this week went by really fast for me but it turned out great :) I got a letter from my son (the elder i was training that went home, elder jimenez from the dominican republic) He told me that he has been talking with the mission president and will probably be able to come back on the mission in less then 6 months!! This week we also found more people to teach that will be getting baptized soon :)) we have been blessed a ton out here with the new people we are finding! The mission president has told us to not contact of knock doors as much anymore, but to put all of our time working with the few members in the ward asking for and contacting as many references as we can, and we are having alot more success this way. we also had the treat of going to the burger king this week!! i haven't done that in a while haha! So i bet you all heard about the big earthquake that happened in Guatemala last week, well we felt it haha we were helping one of our investigators out helping him construct a part of his house and then i started to get all dizzy and felt a little wierd for about 10 or 15 seconds, my companion felt the same and told me that he thought it was a big bus passing by or something, but then we heard from some members that the earthquake happened at that same time!! well i hope you all know that im doing well, and i miss you all, i will write you next week!!
             with love, Elder Snow

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