Monday, November 5, 2012

      I think its great that your birthday this year fell on a monday so that i can write you on your birthday!!! :) so you're 42 huh, dont wory about it, because everytime i show the pictures of our family to anyone out here, they all think you're my older sister or something because you look so young! and im just saying that, because everytime i show those pictures to anyone, they all tell me how cute my little sisters are, and then how pretty you are haha Well i would like to let you know that i miss you alot mom, i know we haven't really been able to communicate that much over this past year, which is completely my fault, but i want you to know that i love you alot. In the year i have been out here i've learned alot of things, and one of them has been how easy i had it growing up with a mom that did everything, and now that I'm not living there anymore, i have realized how much you really had been doing for me, and i know it's impossible for me to thank you enough for that. I think about all of you every day and pray for you as well. Thanks for everything you have done and everything you are doing for me. I love you tons and i hope you have a great birthday :)
     love your coolest son, Jonny

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