Monday, November 19, 2012

Hey Dad whats up!!!
       I love how you always decide to write me when you have nothing else better to do ;) jk lol omgosh jk haha lol so whats up hows the flying going? Are you still working alot to make up for the summer vacations?
       So last week when i got those pictures from you, i was pretty excited to see riley behind karly when she was building a snowman, i thought mom would have killed or sold him by now haha you have to keep him until i get back so we can see if he remembers me or not.
       Matt was in Mexico City when that earthquake hit!! thats awesome! next time he comes down here tell him to come down to Tuxtepec haha its only like 8 hours from there.
       So im not sure if im going to be able to skype you for christmas, but i will try to find a member that has it, im not really a hot chili pepper fanatic, but i´ve grown to love it, i feel like my spanish is getting better, i can speak it fine, i just need to keep learning more vocabulary so that i sound more mexican haha
       Well this week turned out really great for me :) we helped a couple get married and then we baptized her on sunday, they are planing on going to the temple in a year to get sealed. I told them they have to do in in 11 months so that i can go with them before i go home haha
       Well i gotta go, i will write you next week, te amo papa
                         Elder Snow

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