Monday, December 3, 2012

      I hope everything has been going great up there with the greatest snow on earth!! im glad to hear that things have been going well for you, even though Obama won again.
      Thank you so much for the package you sent me mom!! when i went to Veracruz on Tuesday in the morning to pick up my brand new companion, and while i was there i asked if i had a package in, i guess the package system is starting to get faster! Thanks for all of the stuff you all sent!! and sorry, but i opened my presents before christmas.
       Things for me here in Tuxtepec have been going great! My new companions name is Elder Gomez from Guatemala! when i went to Veracruz to pick him up, the mission president told me not to push this one down the stairs ;) i´ll be careful this time haha
       So this week went great for us, we found some new people to teach and we baptized 3 people on sunday, their names are Sister Trinidad and her 2 sons, Adolfo and Christian. i have been teaching their family for about 5 weeks, we found them one day after like 3 appointments fell through and we decided to knock doors for like a half hour, and we just happened to knock on their door, yes i believe in miracles.
       Well i hope you like the pictures i sent, we found a public computer place where the computers are a ton faster so we can send more :) Well i gotta go, i will write you next week!

    - we are still looking for a place so that i can skype you for Christmas, we will find one don't worry :)
                I love you all!! Elder Snow

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