Monday, December 17, 2012

    Whats up everyone! Well I am very happy to announce the following!! we FINALLY found a member that has skype here en Tuxtepec!!! i will be calling you on skype at 6:00 pm Tuxtepec time on the 24th of December, im pretty excited :) The member that we found that is going to hook us up told us that he is going to hook up his computer to a projector so we can see you all good, hes like the richest dude down here haha
    Everything has been going well here, we have been finding a lot more people to teach because its almost christmas, and the people here are alot more sensitive to the spirit this time of year, we are pretty excited about the baptisms we have plans for these next couple weeks :) Elder Gomez is turning into one of my favorite companions on my mission, i love all my companions that i´ve had, but me and Elder Gomez have a blast! i guess Guatemaltecos are cooler then Mexicanos
    Well i gotta go, sorry my letter is pretty short sin very many pictures, i figure its alright because we will be talking on skype in a week anyway haha well i will write you next week!!!
   with love, Elder Snow

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