Monday, December 31, 2012

        I was really happy to talk to you all last monday!! i feel kinda handicapped talking to people in english right now so i hope you all dont think im totally weird :) Im glad to hear that everything is going great. So im pretty excited to hear where chase will be going on his mission!! when he opens his call, i want you to video tape it and then send it to me, I VOTE MEXICO!!!
        On monday after we got to talk, we had a christmas dinner with some members here in Tuxtepec, we watched a TON of fireworks and got to stay up late (thats rare for missionaries but we got special permission) This week went really well for us, the weather has gotten a little better to the point where i actually wake up a little cold, ITS GREAT!! We also had an awesome baptism service for a man named Juan Francisco, he is a 63 year old man that we found through talking to some members, He was an investigator of gold. When we gave him the book of mormon for the first time he told us he would read it, when we went by his house the next day he said he was just finishing up with 2 Nefi. i didnt really believe him at first, but then when he started to tell us the whole story in detail, i couldnt believe it!! He had been smoking for 44 years, and had been trying to stop for quite some time now. when we invited him to be baptized he accepted and stopped smoking that very day, he hasn't smoked since. Im really grateful to be able to get to know and teach people that are completely ready and prepared by the Lord to hear and accept the gospel.
       ok well i gotta go, i will write you next week!! i love you and miss you all a ton!! with love, Elder Snow

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