Tuesday, March 26, 2013

March 25, 2013

         DONT TELL ME YOUR MOVING AND YOU SOLD MY FAVORITE DOG IN THE WORLD THAT LOVES ME!!!!!!!! its alright haha riley didnt even like me anyways.
         A few months ago when you told me you were planning on moving soon, i started to think alot about the new life i will have coming back off the mission, i will be going to college, working, hopefully getting married if my prayers are answered (haha:) and starting a completely new life. Moving from Layton to St George is probably for the best, down there i wont have the temptation of doing stupid stuff with my friends like i did before, because i wont have very many- haha, i´ll live.
         Well this week for us went great, the work is growing a ton here in Piedras Negras. We didnt baptize anyone this week, but we are working with a new investigator named Clara Luz that will be getting baptized (if everything goes acording to the will of the Lord) on Thursday :) I also have some amazing news that i almost cant believe, Brother Pedro and Sister Mariana from Catemaco ( two of our converts last year ) Are planning to get sealed in the Veracruz Temple late June or July, An elder that was in Catemaco a few weeks ago told me that they are still way strong in the church and are getting ready to go to the temple, I just about started to cry when he told me that haha  Well things are going great for us here, i think im starting to like Mexicans more then gringos, see ya next week! oh, send me a video of chase opening his call if you can, if you cant, send me a picture of him opening it! 
     with love, Elder Snow

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