Monday, August 19, 2013

Victor Manuel was baptized-it is way cool being a part of his conversion-he wants to serve a mission!

Hey family hows it going
     Those are some pretty awesome pictures you guys sent me!! its so dry there . . . its like the complete opposite of where im living right now, im not sure which climate im going to like more.
     For us this week was crazy, but crazy in a good way. We have 26 misionaries in the zone with 13 areas to supervise, so we have been all over the place this week, doing divisions, and doing baptism interviews with the new converts of the zone. In our own area right now we are helping a lady named Alejandra with her family teaching them the gospel, she's awesome, and has now accepted baptism so we are helping her get married so she can get baptized, but her husband isn't registered, he doesn't have a birth certificate so he cant get married until he gets registered, so me and my companion have been running around Veracurz all week getting their papers together to get them married and baptized :) this morning got the last of the papers we need, they should be getting married next week.
      On saturday we baptized a 18 year old young man named Victor Manuel. We found him from a referral that a youth named Luis Enrique gave us for one of his friends, we were working with them for about 3 weeks and on saturday Luis Enrique baptized him, it is way cool being a part of his conversion, Victor says he wants to serve a mission now that Luis Enrique will be leaving on his in a few short months, i bet he will go :)
      well i hope you like the pictures i sent, i will write you next week! love, Elder Snow

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