Monday, February 6, 2012

February 6, 2012

         I am so sorry i didnt write you all last week! Elder Meraz and I were at a wedding of one of our converts (Aldo) all last p day so we didnt get a chance to use the computers. I am really sorry! I got the package 2 days ago! i was way happy to get it! That little toy Moroni is awesome! its sitting on my desk right now. Im glad to hear that grandpa is doing really well! Tell him when i get home i am totally taking him hiking! So tons of things have happened these past two weeks, so many that i cant write them all. There are SERIOUSLY miracles happening down here in Coatzintla Mexico. I have been eating the spiciest food on the face of the planet, i have like a constant burning in my mouth, but im getting used to it, the food really is great! im seriously going to come home fat if i keep eating like this! If there is one thing that i have learned about mexicans down here, its that they love to party, they eat tortillas with everything, and they LOVE COKE!! AND SO DO I!!!! we get along great haha! So in the past two weeks we had 3 baptisms. One was a boy named Edwin that is 14 years old. Guillermo (the father of Edwin) has been an inactive member for about 20 years and decided he wanted more for his family. we activated his whole family, we baptized his son, and now we are working on baptizing his wife. This week we also baptized a woman named Nery and her husband Vincen. Finding Nery and Vincen, i believe, was a maricle. About a week after i got to Coatzintla me and Elder Meraz were walking around in a part of town where we thought an old investigator lived. We were looking everywhere for the house but we couldnt find it. Eventualy we found a house that we thought might be it so we knocked on the door, A woman holding a baby answered the door (Nery) who was not the person we were looking for, we knocked on the wrong house. But instead of leaving, Elder Meraz and i both felt impressed to ask her if she wanted to hear about our church. She gladly let us in and we taught her the first lesson (La Restauracion). We then Invited her to be baptized, and she accepted. She talked to her husband (Vincen) and he let us come back to teach them more. They both got baptized last thursday and they are SERIOUSLY already making plans in a years time to go to the Temple and be sealed. I will get to go through with them :) i cant wait for that! It is AMAZING to see what this gospel has done for that little family. They told me that after they go through the temple in Veracruz they want to take a trip up to Utah to go through the Salt Lake Temple. I want us all to go with them! Well i have to go, i promise i will write you next week! And mom and dad, i need a favor, i really want a copy of my priesthood line of authority. i dont know why i left home without one. But it would be best if i could have it in spanish :) so if you could send me that as soon as possible that would be awesome! Thanks for everything! I love you all!!
                     Elder Snow

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