Monday, June 10, 2013

It's more fun to teach 3 by 3

Hey its me again! 
     I cant believe Chase is an ELDER!!!!! congrats little bro on your graduation that's awesome, now its full on mission prep time :) hey tell chase not to go & do anything stupid right after graduation to get himself hurt so he cant leave on time, remember that satan doesn't sleep, and less with future missionaries.
     Well this week for me went great, our new companions name is Elder Franco from Ecuador, we thought he was going to be from Guatemala, but the mission offices told us wrong, he´s from Ecuador. Its a new thing for me to be walking around with 2 companions instead of one, but now that i´ve got used to it i think its more fun to preach 3 by 3 :) Zone Leader is a little more stressfull than i thought before, i really do have a whole lot more respect now for the Zone Leaders that i have had before, but i like it :) its fun to get to know and work with alot more elders than i did before, i also get to work a little more with the Presidente Treviño which is awesome, he is an incredible man. 
     Well remember that planters wart that i had on the bottom of my foot when i was a kid? well the monster came back haha i´ve had it now for about 4 or 5 months, and now its starting to hurt, i talked to the mission presidents wife and they gave me permission to buy this liquid nitrogen spray to kill the thing, i just barely bought it so i will be applying it tonight, pray for me haha
     I cant believe how fast the time is flying by right now, i remember when i got here like it was yesterday! i remember seeing those elders that had 18, 19, 20 months out and just thinking HOW LUCKY!!! but now that im in their shoes my thoughts have changed a little, i would so much rather be a missionary my whole life, its more fun haha well i cant send you pictures this week because the computer im on doesn't have the right plug in, but i will send you them next week ok :) Adios!

                                   Elder Snow

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