Monday, January 9, 2012

Coatzintla is my area for the next 3 months!

¡Hola Familia!
        Hey everybody! How are all of you!? My week has been pretty crazy, things have been going really good. I have my p day on mondays, so this is when i will be writing you. When i got to the mission home, i got to go out to dinner with the president, his wife, and there two kids, it was fun. Then i got to sleep with the zone leader in there room, there names are Elder Oiane, and Elder Frie. They are the zone leaders for the Poza Rica zone. On tuesday, i had a 4 and a half hour drive bus ride to Poza Rica, and then we had to drive to a town called Coatzintla. Coatzintla is my area is for the next 3 months. When we got there, i met my companion, Elder Meraz. He is a native, but he lived in the United States for 3 months so he does speak a little bit of english. He has only been in the mission for 3 months, but he is an awesome Elder and i am looking forward to having him as my trainer. I think i worked harder this week then i ever have in my entire life. Every morning we get up, exercize, get ready and be ready for study by 8, have personal study for an hour, have companion study for 2 hours, and then from 11 to 9 we are out teaching with a 1 hour break for lunch at 2. In the Coatzintla area, there are so many people to teach that we dont have enough hours in the day to teach everyone. In the 6 days i have been here, we have taught around 40 lessons. Its awesome! we have about 8 progressing investigators. We had 5 of them come to church with us on sunday, we confermed two new members that got baptized last week, and 4 of our progressing investigators have baptism dates for this week on the 14th! the investigators who have baptism dates names are Yadira, Cecilia, Yaret, and Aldo. It has been really fun to teach them. The people of Coatzintla are very humble. There are people here, that have next to nothing. I have never been to a place before that has been as poor and humble as this. A few of the houses have dirt floors. but most have cement floors and cement walls, with metal sheets for shingles that make a roof. Some of the houses that we go teach in, are the same size or smaller then my room at home, but most are about the size mom and dads bedroom with there bathroom. It is extremely humbling to see how alot of these people live. The house that me and my companion live in is pretty small, but its pretty nice, it has a real roof! its good. My companion said that the water that we shower in comes strait from a river here. He said that when it rains and we take a shower the water is a chocolate color, but i didnt believe him. Well it rained a little on thursday . . . and sure enough he was right haha! but its all good. I love it out here and im having a blast!  I will write you next monday! ¡Nos Vemos!
                                                                              Elder Snow


  1. Wow-I cannot wait for my boys to experience something like this. Ok I can, but what a great experience! I'm so proud of Jonny and for the great example he is to everyone he knows, especially his little cousins! Keep it up Jon Jon! You and the people of Mexico are in our prayers!

  2. Wow, what a positive outlook! Showering in chocolate water good??? It is so easy to imagine him teaching and loving the people of Mexico, he is such a neat kid! Thanks for sharing!