Monday, January 23, 2012

January 23rd, 2012

Hola Familia!!
         Hey everyone! I hope everything is going well back home, is it pretty cold in layton right now? Because its FLIPPIN HOT DOWN HERE IN MEXICO!!! haha the weathers actually not that bad here, its just really really humid right now, i always feel like im wet, but its all good. This week was great! On thursday we got to baptize Yared! it was awesome to see how the gospel is changing her life, there is a light in her eyes that was not there 3 weeks ago. It has been really fun teaching her. So this week, my companion tricked me into eating a tripa toco, that means that it has intestines of a cow inside it . . . it was gross, but it was pretty funny. And also this week, i got to take a shower with a bucket! haha! i guess the old missionaries in our apartment forgot to pay the water bill to our house, so the water got turned off for a day. So what we did was we got buckets of water from our nabors house and put a hot iron inside it to heat the water. It actually wasnt as bad as i thought it was going to be. Ok so here are answers to the questions mom sent me.
          1. We eat lunch at 2 with the members, but we dont have a lady cook for us. We do have a microwave and a little stove so you will never guess what i bought . . . CUP A NOODLES!!!!!!!!!!!!
          2. I dont really need anything right now, we have everything we need. but in a package in the next couple weeks it would be nice to have more of those chewable vitamin C containers, i have been eating those like crazy because i dont want to get sick.
          3. I have been told that packages take forever to get here. There are elders in my district that are just barely getting their christmas packages that their parents sent in like november. so i bet it takes about 2 months for packages to arrive.
          4. My feet are holding up great, im glad i did all that hiking before i left because we walk a ton here.
          5. Im not sure how fast letters get here, it probably takes about a month but im not sure.
          Well things out here in Mexico are great! I really do like being here. The language is getting pretty hard. i still cant understand alot of stuff and its kinda frustrating, but its nothing i cant handle. i will get it eventually. So has dad and chase climbed any sweet mountains yet while i have been gone? Cause if they do i want to hear about them!! One of the Elders from my district from the MTC (Elder Wilkinson) is serving in a part of the mission right now where he can see that huge mountain! i cant remember what its called but he said its a snow covered volcano. Anyways, i love you and miss you all a ton!! i will write you next week!
                                                                                             con amor, Elder Snow

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