Monday, June 11, 2012

       Sorry this email is really short, but i wrote chase the letter this week (yes chase you can show mom the letter, there are no secrets this time) JUST KIDDING!! but hey i wanted to thank you mom for the package you sent me!! it was awesome! my companion is completely addicted to the swedish fish! he has never eaten them before! it was great to get to eat some real candy! all the candy down here has chillie powder on it, but im learning to love it! hey so mom i was thinking, i need another missionary journal, i filled my old one up. could you send me another one? but dont spend alot of money on it, just a regular journal. i also need a new belt, my old one wore out. you can go to missionary mall and get one for me for free with this photo :) its time to start using my 2 year guarantee. I HAVE GREAT NEWS!!! Pedros wife Mariana received her answer from god, she knows the church is true! her baptism date is on saturday! Her and Pedro are so strong, last week Pedro rode a bus all the way to Veracruz to do baptisms for the dead, and hes way excited to be sealed in a year there, and Mariana too. well i gotta go, i will write you next week!!
                     Elder Snow
      oh and mom, i dont need water filters, the mission provides them :) but thanks!

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