Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Hey Everyone!!
       Hey thanks for those pictures you sent me!! i think chase is getting a little chunky haha! Hey so i´ve got some bad news, i didnt get my packages or letters last week, but i will get them for sure on wednesday! We are heading up to Veracruz for a day to have a mission / zone conferencia and i will get to pick them up there :) Here are some answers to some of your questions,
     -  My health has been suprisingly really well, the reason it seems like i got sick at home alot is because everytime i got a little bit of a sore throat, i made it seem alot worse then it actually was -haha ;) but the truth is im really a healthy chavo.
     -  I have been getting used to the weather, its really hot here, lets just say that at night when im sweating my guts out and trying to sleep, i dream about the ice cold showers we have here every morning :)
     -  Yes we walk everywhere, only missionaries chafas ride bikes ;)
     -  I dont think there are any places here in Los Tuxtlas that have ruins like Tajin in Poza Rica, but there are so many awesome places to go here!
     So Pedros wife has come to church 2 times with us now, she doesnt have a baptism date yet, but we are getting really close with her. tomorrow we are going to set a date with her, probably for the 24th of this month if things go smoothly. This week we had a baptism! We baptized a lady named Nora, shes pretty much the coolest mexicana down here haha well ive gotta go, i will write you next week!
       Elder Snow

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