Friday, July 19, 2013

Maria Luisa called to us from her house

Hey everybody!
     Hey sorry i didnt write you guys last week! we didnt get time to write, our fridge in our apartment isnt working very well, so for most of our p day last week we were dealing with that, sorry haha
     Well im way happy that chase and crit have now gone through the temple!! How did his farewell go? it was last week right? it just seems like time is just flying by. 
     Well here in the port of veracruz the weather is still extremely humid, its been raining alot more now in the nights and then in the morning it stops raining and the sun comes up and the whole city just turnes into an oven, but im loving it haha. Right now Elder Farnsworth & I have been teaching a family that were living in Chicago for a few years but got deported back to Mexico, they're having a tough time right now getting back on their feet, one day when my companion and i were just walking down the street when Maria Luisa, the mom of the family, called to us from her house and asked us who we were, after we told her we were missionaries she invited us into her house and accepted to take our lessons, she, her husband Vicente, and their 4 sons have now come to church with us twice, and if all goes well they will be getting baptized this weekend.
     Today we had a Zone activity where we went to giant bread factory called BIMBO and got a pretty sweet tour of the place, i dont know if BIMBO exists in the States, but if not, i will sure miss it.
      Well i hope everything is going good at home with the move and all, send me pictures of this new house you're gonna buy, and chase at the temple, i will write you next week!

                    con amor, Elder Snow

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