Saturday, July 6, 2013

20 Months Completed on the mission

Hey everybody!! Tell chase to sit on the 3rd of 4rth row in the temple so he doesn't get the goat blood on his new white mission clothes haha no I'm just kidding . . .(dont put that comment on facebook ha) i cant believe that he`s already going through!! i wish i could be there with you guys, What temple are you going through? send me pictures!!
  This week was the start of the new transfer, we are finding alot more people to teach!! I'm going to be in a zone leaders consejo all day tomorrow, i love these classes i learn so much! 
on tuesday of last week we had an awesome zone class (thats what the picture is) and i also completed 20 months on the mission . . i cant believe it. Well i gotta go, sorry this letter was so short, but i hope you like the pictures! i will write you next week, good luck finding the house!! 
               with love, Elder Snow


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