Monday, March 12, 2012

March 12, 2012

        I hope everything is going good up there in Utah, this week for Elder Meraz and I has been really great! We killed a HUGE rat in the front of our house, we went and saw alot more ruins, and we had an amazing baptism! This week, we baptized a woman named Marisol who is the mother of Yadira. How we found her was about 3 weeks ago we had a testimony meeting in church, and Yadira got up to bear her testimony! She talked about how when she was a little girl her mom left their family, and she hadnt seen her mom in like 10 years. She said how she was praying that she would find her mom, and after a few days, they got a knock on the door, IT WAS HER MOM!!! Yadira said that she knows that when she prays god is listening to her, and she knows that prayer works. After the meeting, Yadira came up to talk to me and Elder Meraz and asked us to go talk with her mom. The mom of Yadira, Marisol, accepted baptizm in the first leccion, and after two and a half weeks we baptized her. Because of the example of Yadira, the rest of her family is coming closer to christ, and we are working with some of the other members of her family right now so maybe in the future they will get baptized. So i hear that you all have been talking with Azael!! Thats awesome!! Azael is a really cool dude. But i need to ask you all not to use skype with him when we are over at his house, Azael thinks its funny to tempt us to brake the rules, but me and elder meraz wont brake the rules. Well i´ve gotta go, i will write you next week! i love you and miss you all a ton! Adios!
                                        Elder Snow

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