Monday, March 5, 2012

March 5, 2012

Hey Everyone!!

     Mom im glad your lesson went good!! thats awesome that you love your calling so much! So i hope everything at home is going well. And chase, thanks for that photo bro!! i showed Elder Meraz and we both laughed pretty hard haha! So things here have been really good this week, we have been having alot of success. About two weeks ago, our stake president asked Nery and Vincent (two of our converts) to give their testimonies in stake conference. Nery and Vincent were pretty nervous because they have never done anything like that before. So Elder Meraz and I went over to their house and gave a lesson on testimonies and how they just need to give feelings from their heart. Yesterday was our stake conference, and it just so happens that a 70 came to speak also, so Nery and Vincent were pretty nervous. They did AMAZING!! hearing them give their testimonies was one of the most spiritual experiences of my mission so far. Even though they have only been members for about a month, they have testimonies as strong as someone who has been a member their whole life. Nery and Vincent were definitely some of the chosen people for Elder Meraz and I to find out here. it is amazing to see how the church has changed their lives. They have a goal of getting sealed in the Temple next year, but not just any Temple, they want to get sealed in the Salt Lake Temple. Me and Elder Meraz told them that for their first time in the temple, they are going to want to go through a temple in Mexico because it will be in spanish, but they dont want too. They have started taking lessons to learn english, and they have started saving as much money as they can in order to fly to Utah and get sealed in the Salt Lake Temple, they have so much faith!! When they go, i want Mom and Dad to go with them. Also this week, our ward mission leader said that he has been talking with you all over skype!! Asael is a hard worker and a great leader of our ward. Alright well i gotta go, i will write you next week at the same time!
                                    con todo mi amor, Elder Snow

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